Azor was once one city, it has been split into two cities:

Northern Azor:
Northern Azor belongs to dwarfs.

There is a strict no arcane magic law in this city, any person found to be using magic is arrested. They employ people to screen newcomers to the city to help stop arcane users from entering the city secretly, the EU party me Aurora when they tried to enter the city. Both Nashira and Kalmorr are currently banned from entering the city.

Southern Azor:
The southern half of the city of Azor.

It is currently ruled by the Council of Mages after they allegedly won the city in a drinking contest with its previous inhabitants, the dwarves. The Dwarves of Azor now exclusively live in Northern Azor.

Like all of Azor, it is a citadel carved into the mountain itself using dwarven constructs. There are magical wards in place to both prevent anyone but the constructs from digging into the mountain and to prevent the mountain from collapsing, although Tychosar has attempted at least once to break this barrier by having his lackeys sacrifice an Agent of Dawn at elevated mountain pass separating the two parts of Azor.

Notable Places in Azor:
  • Arein Embassy – besides being an embassy for the capital city of the Eastlands, Arein, it is an office for the Paladin order in the region as well as a residential space for presumably paladins or Arein citizens. Lach’lann is a frequent guest and Galindan has filled out the necessary paperwork to be allowed to visit and use some of the amenities in the building.
  • Council Hall – a huge amphitheater with over 500 seats. In the middle there’s a raised dais and a lectern. The council meetings held here are announced throughout the city by doves.
  • The Gallant Goose – a tavern belonging to Stefan where the EU party stayed for free at first and then had their stay payed for by the Council. It has been advertised by Galindan during a Council meeting.
  • Library – large library that was only visited by Galindan during the Harvest Festival.
  • Serkan’s House of Healing – current location of Sheila the secretary; where the EU Party delivered Milvanos’ body and a cursed dagger used to stab Minori that was stolen from Karaga.


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