A human dressed in a red robe


He works as a right-hand man for Galleo.

Galindan, Kalmorr and Nox all met him in Galleo’s warehouse while searching for a weapons cache in the city of Edryn, the day before an attack on the city.

Kalmorr disguised himself as Tobias in order to have Galleo’s men transport the weapons in the warehouse to Lord Rayell’s castle. Partway through the ruse the real Tobias encountered the group and tried to point out that he was the real Tobias and that Kalmorr was an imposter, not finding himself getting anywhere the real Tobias stormed off to go talk to Galleo. Nox leapt into action and managed to charm Tobias and then lead him down an alleyway whilst being followed by seven gnomes and Galindan.

After being discovered by Content Not Found: martha_ and Nox charming the woman for the third time Nox, Galindan, Tobias and the seven gnomes were all invited for tea by _Content Not Found: martha. After Nox and Galindan managed to extract themselves from the tea party Galindan cast Hold person on Tobias after which the deposited him off with Dakbu.


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