Stryde and Valyse


Valyse had an arranged marriage with Killian, she had repeated flings with Stryde before her wedding day. On the day of the wedding they ran away together.

They now procure artifacts for gold. Once a job is complete they return to a tavern in Edryn and throw lavish parties, with free food and drink for the other tavern patrons.

They are in possession of magical necklaces that the party has been tasked with stealing by Corvus Corone.

Galindan was the first to encounter the pair when he tried to convince them to vacate their room for him, they instead decided that he’d make a good plaything. The following day Nashira, Karaga and Galindan broke into their room and stole a locked box and a map. The party used the map to locate Dimpy’s lost merchandise, when they reached the cave they encountered some bandits whom Kurrak convinced to surrender Dimpy possessions, before the party could leave however Valyse and Stryde reached the cave as well. They were after a key that the bandits had, the party tried to fight them but the pair were too strong, Nashira and Kalmorr were knocked unconscious in the fight. Lach’lann decided that they were unable to win the fight and took a deal that Valyse and Stryde offered them, they would return the stolen box, give them the key and the part would be allowed to leave alive.

It should be noted that while Galindan’s plan of stripping and dancing for the pair did fail, it did amuse both Valyse and Stryde.

When the adventurers later ran into the pair in the tavern the they were invited to party with them, Nashira took the opportunity to learn more about them while Kalmorr took the opportunity to sell Strydes a colorful feather from Kurrak’s magnificent beard.

Stryde and Valyse

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