Lelenia Sianodel

High Elf Wizard


Leleana (Lele for short) is a 100 year old, Noble High Elf Wizard with spring green eyes, copper brown hair, and bronze colored skin. She weighs 125 lbs and is 6’ tall. Having a chaotic good alignment, Lele is peaceful at heart, but maniacal in the mind.


Lele is very greedy and self-absorbed. She lusts for power and money and also considers personal freedom above all. Her dislikes include restrictive laws, authority, and the need for self-discipline. Her bond is to her noble family home, however, she has been banished by her family for reasons yet to be discussed. Lele is oblivious to her surroundings and believes that everyone is beneath her status. She can be particularly rude, hot-tempered, yet spontaneous. Most importantly, Lele is a woman of many secrets.

Lele’s Proficient Languages include: Common, Elvish, Draconic, & Abyssal.
Lele’s Key Traits are: Independence, Respect, Family, & Power.

Lelenia Sianodel

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