Kalmorr Fell


Kalmorr Fell stands at roughly 5”8 tall, he has a slim build and wears leather armour over a dark set of what once appeared to be fancy clothes, on one wrist he wears a corded bracelet with small blue chunks of resin in. He has short brown hair, dark brown eyes and a dower demeanour. A scar runs vertically partway up the left side of his jaw, the scar is in the same shape a a right side up"V" except the base of the “V” never connects, instead the lines continue parallel down to his neck. .


Age: 38


Hasn’t spoken about his backstory much with the other characters. So far Kurrak has made reference to a job they pulled in Kural together along with Nashira.

They were both hired to make appearances in meetings to legitimatise a merchant. The merchant in question was looking to steal money from a Wulf Damal a crime boss in Kural. Kalmorr got Kurrak hired for it and Kurrak recommended Nashira for it.

Kalmorr has also mentioned that he has spent some time being imprisoned.

While in Southern Azor Kalmorr sent a letter through “the messenger guild” that Nashira works for, the letter recipient is undisclosed but it was going to a village called Hewe.

During day 12 Galindan and Kalmorr discovered that Galleo put a price on Benji’s head, later that day Dakbu confirmed the information. Galleo is hunting Benji due to his interactions with a mob moss from Kural.

While the party were all preparing for the attack on Edryn by Tychusar Galindan asked Ricardo for information on Benji. He is wanted by Galleo for being a swindler and for causing trouble in Kural, they know he’s a half-elf and his name. Kalmorr finds out that the bount on Benji is worth 400gp.

Known Aliases

Benji – told a child in Kural that was his name when asked.
Kyle the sell sword – Impersonated as a guard of Edryn to get back the party’s gear after they were arrested on day 12 on suspicion of kidnapping Content Not Found: elcom-rayell
Marina – A look Kalmorr stole from a servant in Edryn, a shy girl with long dark hair she uses to hide her face.
Mortimer – used this name when trying to meet with Corvus Corone for the first time.
Menzin Kantor – Used when talking to Tobias in Edrynn while Galindan, Nox and Kalmorr were searcing for weapons to assisting in the defence of Edrynn. Tobias shortened it to Menz.


A very secretive, quiet and slow to trust person. Tends to observe the others in his group rather than involve himself with their antics.

Does not like to be in debt to anyone and will seek to pay back the other person as soon as possible, even if the other person doesn’t realise that Kalmorr see’s himself in their debt.

Kalmorr Fell

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