Harold and Martha


An old married human couple living near Alicio’s hovel.


Every interaction with the EU party these 2 had, Nox cast charm person on.

The first instance was during a party hosted by Dimpy in the US party’s hovel, The woman did not approve of the party and was complaining that they should all keep the noise down, Nox then cast Charm person on her getting her to join in with the party. The woman then instructed Harold to join in as well.

Nox charmed her a second time when the EU party went to the barracks in Edryn to turn in a job notice to Saladin. The woman was to report the earlier party and to report Nox for charming her. Nox charmed her again asking her to leave, which Martha did, while instructing Harold to join her.

The last time Nox charmed her was the day before the attack on Edryn, while accompanied by Galindan, Tobias and the 7 gnomes. The couple provided tea and cake for the unexpected visitors and hosted the gnomes for an unknown amount of time after the trio left their house.

Harold does as his wife asks seemingly without complaint.

Harold and Martha

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