Edgard Leonard Mardue Oliver, known to most by the abbreviation ELMO, is a diminutive, older wizard human. He wears a red robe.


ELMO was originally from Faelin, which he defended during numerous attacks from Milvanos and Tychusar, where Karaga knew him as well. There was an assassination attempt on him shortly before the final attack on Faelin. While he managed to dispatch the assassins, he was in no condition to continue protecting the city and chose to flee, teleporting his entire home out of the city and in front of the front gates to Southern Azor.

EU Party interactions:

The party was introduced to Elmo when they tried to enter Southern Azor for the first time. He had moved his house in front of the entrance to the city slowing down the flow of people into and out of the city, in an attempt to annoy the rulers of the city into letting him move his home into the city.

The Council tasked the party with getting Elmo to move his house and stop blocking entrance to the city. Elmo asked them to retrieve the Stone required to control the dwarven constructs required to expand the city. It had been stolen recently and he managed to track the thieves to Menethar. He teleported them there and told them to seek out Dr. Kirgofs.

After the party brought back the Stone, Elmo was allowed to move into the city as a new home could be built for him.

He, as well as Samara, sensed appearance of the new Guardian power source in the Edryn tunnels. Upon being asked to take up the power by the party, he teleported away, as he felt the party was being excessively confident in their declaration that he was worthy despite the lack of a vouching guardian. Samara agreed with the party that Elmo seemed worthy.

Elmo has appeared near the power during Tychusar’s attack on the city, accompanied by Minori and Serkan.


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