Elcam Rayell


A 6 year old child of Lord Rayell. Currently a Wizard Guardian being trained by Nos.


The youngest child of Lord Rayell.

Elcom is a very cheerful and curious child, will happily introduce himself to people.

During the EU’s party’s first intereaction with Elcom, the child was delighted by Kurrak when he cast light on a coin for him, and then promised to teach the boy more tricks when they next met.

On day 13 Elcom was kidnapped and both the US and EU parties were implicated in the crime. The EU party after checked on Dakbu, learnt that he had found Elcom in his hideout. Dakbu believed that Elcom was planted their in order to frame him and his group for the crime as well. Dakbu managed to get Dimpy to stumble upon the child while Dimpy was trying out a new “shortcut” to the Salty Eagle. Dimpy then returned Elcom to the US party hovel, both parties then returned him to Saladin.

Elcam Rayell

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