A tiefling


Leader of one of the Corvus Corone groups (the good one?)

He operates out of the catacombs under the city of Edryn. He mainly deals in information.

His uncle is Monach who is currently working with Tychusar.

Interactions with EU party:

He has agreed to answer any 3 questions that the party gives him once they sort out Stryde and Valyse and agreed to have a conversation with Karaga afterwards. He trained both Kalmorr and Karaga in the use of lockpicks, and told Kalmorr if he manages to extract information out of Galleo and live he may have a place for Kalmorr in his operation.

Dakbu found Elcom in his hideout during Elcom’s kidnapping on day 12. He believed that Elcom was planted there to implicate Corvus Corone in the kidnapping. While taking the party to the child, Lach’lann tried to heal Dakbu’s wounds but was informed the healing magic would not work on him.

Later, Dakbu managed to trick Dimpy into “finding” Elcom and returning him to both parties.

After the party dispatched one of Tychusar’s search parties in the Edryn tunnels and talked to Suren, Dakbu showed up informing them that he killed the other search party. He also offered to take Suren with him as a prisoner. He indicated his treatment of the captive would be less than desirable, much to the dismay of Karaga. He was paid 14 gold pieces by Galindan to not harm Suren


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