Fall of the Paladins

The Rebuilding of Edryn

Season 1 Epilogue

After the battle at Edryn, the city and our heroes now enjoy a time of peace. Stryde and Valyse were successfully defeated. The city is being rebuilt, and wounds are beginning to heal. Those who left the city before the attack start to return to their homes. Thanks to the effort of our heroes, most of the civilians survived that day. Most of the southern wall and the gate have been destroyed due to the flying warship crashing into it. The architects have been working nonstop on a special project based on an idea from Saladin to not just rebuild the wall and gate, but to widen the southern part of the city, which will increase the size of Edryn as a city and allow for more people to find shelter in times of turmoil. Many people have been hired to work on this project and construction workers from all over the area joined in.

The noble Rayell family spend these two weeks visiting different parts of the city to connect more with their subjects, hearing their wishes and grudges, and learning the needs of their people, while humble servants like Marina are still found maintaining the castle. Lord Rayell, still broken over the absence of Elcam, now finds solace in his work, ordering the reconstruction of Galleo’s home into an orphanage, creating a home for children who lost their parents during the attack. Galleo, who has been banned from the city for his actions before the battle, has not shown his face ever since. It seems that any who were previously associated have disappeared as well, such as Ricardo. Monach is similarly unseen following the siege.

After finally seeing a guardian with her own eyes, Samara takes short leave of absence to travel to Southern Azor with Elmo, to continue her research about the guardians. Serkan returns to Azor with them as well.

Elena has finally returned to court, having expressed to everyone that the white dragon that appeared in the end must have been a blessing from the Gods. She and Pholar, along with Faith, spend their time overseeing the healing and security for the wounded. The people ask for the identity and location of this ‘’white dragon blessing’,’ yet the noble family does not seem to pursue this matter.

Captain Joash is nowhere to be found. Over half of his squad from Arein has fallen in battle. His 2nd in command, Seth, has taken command of the squad, and they will be returning to Arein after
the city has calmed down.

Dakbu and Graknar rebuild the eastern subterranean’ entrance into a passage that is less accessible. Graknar and his orcs, Kiff among them, have gained deep respect for “Karaga’s clan,’’ as Dakbu and his men have proven themselves more than capable to hold their own next to the orcish reavers. They lost 14 from Tychusar and 4 at the eastern tunnel, leaving 22 remaining, but their spirits are high.

Semcha is in shock. Many buildings were destroyed or set aflame when the goblin/undead army marched through, although they seem to not be in complete despair. Apparently, a large group of lumberjacks came into Semcha just before the attack and helped evacuate the village. Those who didn’t want to leave the village still haven’t been found. However, some people claim to have seen their bodies in the city of Edryn, mangled and misshapen by a mysterious green, glowing magic. Saladin and Karth spend many days in Semcha to comfort the people and aid in the reconstruction. Farmer Chris, along with his son Josh and Bernard’s boys send supplies and food to Semcha in support, and are otherwise found helping in the area. Meanwhile, nearby village Darak seems unharmed, and have sent manpower and supplies to Semcha as aid.

Killian and Minori help wherever they can, but after a week and a half, Killian receives a letter that seems to make him restless. He and Minori prepare themselves for departure.

Word of this battle has reached the surrounding areas. As expected, most of the lords of the surrounding castles send their condolences and offer aid in “any way they can,” yet most of this ’’support’’ would never find it’s way to Edryn. By contrast, Arein does send a large sum of money in support of the rebuilding of the city. This, of course, comes with the reminder of General Stillwater‘s ’’request’’ for aid in the northern mining operation.

Dimpy and Jack are helping in any way they can that involves throwing large parties, as Dimpy outwardly theorises that, “nothing makes people forget sorrows like a mug full of ale and a tummy full of food.” Martha, through all this chaos, is still looking for the people who have been bewitching her. Harold is still Harold. Nickolai’s house has been completely destroyed, he and his family have been hiding in his sisters basement and seem to be doing just fine. The Moody Hedgehog is still standing, but is one of the many buildings that has been severely damaged. Tobias, after waking up, spent his time searching for any remnant of Galleo’s operations; finding nothing, he retired dejectedly to join in Dimpy’s escapist extravaganzas.


Bucky Bucky

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