Fall of the Paladins

NA Day 1

Day 1 is when the party is first formed and meets at a tavern in the city of Kural. There the journeys of Quinn Garo a human monk, Alicio Delmonte a half-elf sorcerer, Everoth Grudge-Feaster a dwarf ranger, Tet Iounchild a human cleric, and Dolgan Ironbuster a dwarf fighter would intertwine. They along with a group of guards would be tasked with guarding a crystal that would be enroute to Arein. None of the group knew what was in the crystal, only that they were supposed to guard it.

Shortly into their journey they came across a couple who was in desperate need of aid. The man Steven was seriously injured and the woman Kailec was in near hysteria over the kidnapping of her child by goblins. After Tet healed Steven the group decided to chase after the goblins to rescue the child from the goblins.


Bucky DarthWraith

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