Fall of the Paladins

Going North

Season 2

Nearly a week and a half following the siege on Edryn,

Lord Rayell still has his hands full, bringing the city back to its former, or potentially even greater glory. Therefore, when a messenger from Arein arrives asking Lord Rayell where the previously demanded resources are—goods, troops, and general support—that have been demanded of him, the old noble lashes out verbally to the messenger.
“Who does General Stillwater think he is!?” Lord Rayell shouts. “We barely have the manpower and resources to provide for our own people. He can’t possibly expect that we have any surplus to spare in this desperate time—not when my citizens are still struggling to resume their lives!‘’
Your group, being very close to Lord Rayell, overhears the normally kind Lord go into this tirade and take a step closer.
’’But my lord,” the messenger responds, “according to General Stillwater, this is suspected to be the greatest discovery of our race… ever. We cannot hesitate; you need to do your duty.” This goes on for a while until Lord Rayell dismisses the messenger, telling him that he needs time to think about it.
Your group comes to the rescue! As lord Rayell explains what is going on, a member of your group interrupts him.
‘’My lord, with all due respect: we would be more than willing to help you out. I’m sure the “heroes of Edryn” would be more than enough for the General on behalf of your city.’’


General Stillwater, one of the great generals from Arein, has ordered every lord in the kingdom to deliver supplies, finances or manpower to a large mining operation north of Edryn.
While precise details are scant, the mere invocation of his authority and call upon all the lords of the realm marks the operation as extremely significant.
After the battle of Edryn, Lord Rayell is not able—and, frankly, not willing—to oblige, as the rehabilitation of the region and his citizens comes first.
As a result, your group will travel on behalf of Edryn to check out this project, and see what all the fuss is about. After going over it with your group and some of the allies you have made in the last couple weeks, Killian and Minori vocalize that they will come with you, as they have contacts and business to attend to in the same area north of the city.


Bucky Bucky

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