Fall of the Paladins

EU Day 14+15

The Penultimate Episode

  • Recap
    • Dakbu holds on to Tychusar’s former scouts, Suren and the unnamed human
    • Kalmorr knows where the power is

Day 14

  • Lach’lann asks if Samara will take the power; she avoids to answer
  • She attempts to show us where it is: 2 steps NW, 2 south… a weird pattern, almost like a dance
    • Attempting to memorise and retrace, Karaga (10) and Galindan (9) almost misstep, only to be stopped by Samara yelling as much
    • Nox (1?) steps on a trap and becomes trapped in some kind of invisible trap that makes her feel heavy
      • Lach (1) fails to help her up; Karaga (2) as well; Galindan (15) succeeds
  • Marina (not-Kalmorr) is there when we take the portal back, lol, to tell us our rooms are ready
    • We only have 2 rooms, prompting Galindan to seek a night’s rest elsewhere
  • clear sky outside; the market area, previously bustling and full, is now cleaned up and empty in the wake of the fight with Stryde
  • Karaga steps out before bed to send some messages
    • 1st one to Elmo: “You can’t run away forever. You know where to find us.”
  • Lach’lann steps out.
    • Evasively does something similar to apologising about Elmo, saying he assumed that if Karaga asked Elmo to take the power that he would be more likely to concede.
    • Karaga asks for help constructing a message for Graknar and the others. Recollection that they were after Mira and therefore Tychusar shapes the message.
    • “The one you seek is in Edryn. Find us there.”
    • While Lach’lann attempts to uncomfortably talk about food with Karaga on the way back in, they see a dwarf in the centre of the empty market district, heavily armoured and looking at the sky.

Meanwhile, in the palace…
Kalmorr is alone in the men’s room; Nox in the women’s. Samara and Nashira are together fixing and setting up the traps that the rest had fumbled over.

Back outside…
“It’s majestic, isn’t it? The sky, and the stars?” Pholar asks, before explaining in comfortable conversation that he’s training people at the Temple of Bahamut and introducing himself to the sneaky, prodding Lach’lann and Karaga duo.

Wherever there are people following Corellon, I do as well.

He mentions he’s been looking for Marcus, and Lach’lann remembers that he’d heard tale of Pholar from Marcus; that basically Pholar was Marcus’s best friend. Pholar formally invites Lach’lann to the Temple of Bahamut in the Temple District in the morning to meet the whelps.
Karaga had never met him, but she remembered him as being there on the assault on Milvanos’s castle that cursed the paladins. Upon confirming this mentally, she bids farewell and heads inside to bed.

That night, Galindan sleeps in the kitchen cellar and dreams about constricting water. Galindan isn’t in the water, but is hanging on by a rope in a storm. The sound of wind is heard, deafening; Ricky is screaming and crying. The captain is a large guy who insisted on setting sail in spite of the incoming storm, laughing a bit maniacally. Galindan reels self in and runs toward the captain, screaming to turn back. He whispers,

I will sail until the end of days.

Galindan grabs and picks up Ricky, tossing a plank overboard and jumping off with Ricky while hearing the voice of the captain; in third person, Galindan sees Galindan disappearing into the waves. Then, there’s white, and a soft feeling against Galindan’s cheek.

Through madness and darkness… now is not your time.

Day 15


Lach meditates and bathes. Nashira studied her book from the cultist cave before sleeping, so she’s been thinking on that. Karaga has a nightmare combined with restless sleep about Faelin, and as a result is late to breakfast, having been consoled through the night and after waking by Nashira and Nox. She thanks them for their efforts.
Saladin begins to discuss the preparations of the siege. Being the terrible listeners that they are, the two of them focus on reaching for the pepper for their breakfasts. Seeing Lach reach for it, Karaga attempts to take it more swiftly and accidentally knocks it on the ground, spilling it and making Saladin pause with disgruntlement before resuming.

Okay… moving on.

Lach picks it up.


  • our contacts tell us no informants escaped
  • when a guardian dies, their power is protected
  • a power is identified with a certain aspect
  • this one is arcane power

Strategy talk:

  • how could we defend from the air, as Saladin wants?
    • what about the griffin riders that Alicio mentioned? Saladin reveals it still takes 1 day by air to get here from Arein.

Party splits:

  • Karaga + Nashira to Dakbu/the tunnels
  • Lach’lann to the Temple District with Pholar
  • Nox, Kalmorr, and Galindan to Galleo/Ricardo
Lach + Temple of Bahamut

Lach arrives to find Pholar aggressively tossing people out of the fake temples and basically falls in love with him. The other paladins, all younger acolytes, try weakly to defend against the concept of Pholar’s aggression, which Pholar berates them for.

  • Kalmorr + Nashira have a brief aside about Bannon before splitting.
Kalmorr + Galindan + Galleo + Nox

The three think on disguises as they head to the poor district, where Galleo’s mansion and Ricardo are to be found. While Kalmorr and Nox come up with some really ridiculous stuff, Galindan insists on staying Galindan so that Galleo knows who to be afraid of.

Karaga + Nashira

They stop by the Salty Eagle on the way over to Dakbu. Dimpy is in the middle of the doorway and barely conscious, which is par for the course. He rambles on about a secret party, which Karaga finds almost exclusively uninteresting while she preens the room for Jack and drags Dimpy out of the walkway. Nashira coolly leans against an open window’s sill outside so as to not flag the negative attention of Jack. All signs in the tavern point to “wild party ended recently,” such as bodies and smells all over the place, combined with Jack paying off the keeper.

Karaga asks Jack about Monach, and Jack mentions having heard of him being in Menethar; that he was in contact with Stryde and Valyze via letter. “That guy we worked with, Kalen, was recruiting people, being hired by people…” he says unsure of what Karaga’s looking for. When Karaga asks if Jack cares about Stryde & Valyze, he laments that there used to be a lot less “uncivilised” parties. Karaga thanks him and leaves, collecting Nashira on the way out as they beeline to the tunnels.

Lach’lann + Pholar

Lach tells Pholar about the Tychusar attack, which Pholar is shocked about, because Lach had waited to tell him. Lach asks why Pholar isn’t sick like most of the paladins who seiged Milvanos’s keep.
bq). I’ve been asking myself that every day since it started.
Pholar goes on to tell Lach’lann that the “boys and girls” of the temple are immature and unprepared. He also gets into it with Lach’lann about the importance of the law.
bq). Laws are meant to serve the people; not for people to serve the law.
He tells Lach to know people before judging them.

Galindan & Co

They end up at the warehouse after the recommendation from the freaky Ricardo job bulletin situation at Galleo’s property. There are gnomes and humans, among them a man in a red robe who isn’t Elmo. People are towing things and moving things around. The late-20s red robe, eventually self-identified as Tobias, is basically debating with people like any good pedant would. Kalmorr introduces himself as Menzin Kantor, and Nox herself as Mildred. Galindan prods with what Tobias seems to indicate is no social grace and yet he answers all of Galindan’s questions with a lot of detail, such as explaining that the cannon moving has been delayed by WOLVES??? attacking the caravans. He then goes on to say something about a group of annoying people including 2 dwarves, 1 human, 1 half-elf, and…
Inside the ship are giant cannonballs, ships cannons, and black powder.

Karaga, Nashira

They get in via the usual door behind the barracks. The stain of Dakbu’s blood is still there. The old man gatekeeper confusedly said that he supposes they’re friends with Dakbu now and lets them right in.

(more to be added, i’m tiiired)


Bucky Bucky

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