Fall of the Paladins

EU Day ?

why are my notes so incomprehensible?

  • Karaga remembers a professor who was OBSESSED with this topic
    • Dusk and dawn were the most stable
    • The place to find them is the representation of their place
  • Erothius been pining after the powers for a decade; has been trying to pander to Dawn
    • Party concerned about incriminating
  • Karaga’s idea: have kalmorr turn into this prof and reach out to Erothius
  • Invited to dinner w Samara w the lord and his guests
  • Go into the tunnels altogether
    • 4 tychosar peeps show up
    • Kalmorr tries to convince them he’s been blinded by finding the power
    • One is convinced
    • They start leaving
    • Karaga chases after and casts entangle
    • Nox shoots one out
    • Galindan holds person
    • Kalmorr overshoots and goes center instead of right; stumbles upon actual power, to no one’s realisation
    • Lachlann chases but doesn’t get to anyone
    • Karaga turns into a warhorse
    • good Karaga/Nashira synergy—Nash jumps on while Karaga is riding by and Phantasmal Force-s one person, whom Karaga hoofs in the face (and accidentally to death by way of the PF)
    • N riding K u-turn at which point N does a ride-by rapier strike (2nd rapier use in entire season?); karaga rear-kicks person nonlethally
  • verge torture scene
  • karaga/suren connection
  • appearance of Dakbu, hand-off of Suren


Bucky Bucky

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