Fall of the Paladins

EU Day ???

  • Guardians for sources of power, we haven’t had ones in power, which makes the world off balance
  • The guardians have names? – nashira
  • The ones we know of are protected by their identity/are kept hidden because of their identity
  • Lady of dawn
  • Kept her from getting sacrificed
  • Samara almost gets sacrificed (WHY DID I WRITE THIS???)
    bq). Never a bad thing to be in dawn’s good graces.

I can assure you you did not meet dawn herself but one of her maidens; she considers her maidens to be a part of herself… but there are those whose identities are hidden. Dusk and dawn are of light and dark, then those of the elements, then other persuasions… life… but not every spot has been filled.

If someone were to break the balance… well, I’m sorry for my language, but we’re all screwed
- Samara

Don’t you mean fucked!?
- Galindan

  • Milvanos?
    bq). I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing happening in the city is just a distraction for him taking this power for himself… The duneads and the people who… (???)
  • Drow assassins from beginning were part of org called the Duneads

well, as you know, there are good and bad people on every side
- samira says while looking invisible lachlann in the eyes (!!!)

  • I think we know the guardian of nature and it’s that old guy who can never remember anything
  • We need to either get someone worth of it, to it, and the next
  • Annoying guy erothius… may be an arch wizard but does not have the right to wield this kind of power
  • “This will lead you to the heart of the city… the underbelly, so to speak.”
  • “I suggest you find someone worthy before you find it, should you find it…”
  • Certainly not one to abuse his power
  • We could find one of the existing guardians and ask him/her to take it
  • I think nos is the guardian of nature


Bucky Bucky

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