Fall of the Paladins

Going South
Season 2

Five weeks after the battle of Edryn, peace is returning to the city.

Buildings are still being rebuilt and the extension of the southern part of the city is being set up. For the first time in over a month, it seems that the guards are allowed and able to leave the area of Edryn. More and more of the standard personnel that has been overseeing the city are being placed on other duties.
It is at this point that Elena and Lady Aeryn have a conversation about a different land; a far away land… Lady Aeryn’s homeland.
In her travels to the southern isles, Elena spent some time with Lady Aeryn’s family.
“I have to get something off of my chest,” Elena says. “While I’m not meant to discuss this, my lady, your family is not doing as well as they want you to believe. For weeks, now, their borders are being raided by orc pirates.”
“That is nothing new,” Lady Aeryn replies. “Orcs have been bothering my people for decades.’’
“This time is different,” says Elena. “The attacks are no longer random, and they are not mere warbands, any longer. They are organised and focused, as if they have clear goal in mind. Your
family begged me not to bother you with this, but I feel that you have the right to know.”
As Lady Aeryn starts to worry, Saladin, who has been guarding the noble family nonstop ever since the attack, coughs and says: “My lady: if it pleases you, your husband has already ordered me to set up an expedition to the south. As you know, we are tasked to find former trade-prince Galleo and bring him to justice after what his actions did to this city. I am certain that when all this is done, my squadron would be able to visit your family, making sure they are okay and returning with their messages.”

Saladin then contacts your group and says: “Look guys, I know you already did so much for the city, and I should ask no more of you, but as soon as we are able we’ll be going away from the city in pursuit of Galleo in order to bring him in. I don’t want to inconvenience you, and if you decline I shan’t press, but if you would be willing to help me find him…”


Galleo’s downfall: is this the chance you have been waiting for? Lord Rayell himself ordered the capture of Galleo! Going with Saladin might allow you to find the retribution you have been pondering about, and—who knows? Dakbu might have a way to help you here, as well. In her time at southern isles , Elena found that elven borders are being attacked more than usual. It seems the orcs found a reason to fight eachother less and fight the elves more… as a united group. Saladin offers to take a small force to see if they can be of any assistance, and your group decides to go with him. At worst, this is an excuse to take a boat trip to a tropical place, right?

Going North
Season 2

Nearly a week and a half following the siege on Edryn,

Lord Rayell still has his hands full, bringing the city back to its former, or potentially even greater glory. Therefore, when a messenger from Arein arrives asking Lord Rayell where the previously demanded resources are—goods, troops, and general support—that have been demanded of him, the old noble lashes out verbally to the messenger.
“Who does General Stillwater think he is!?” Lord Rayell shouts. “We barely have the manpower and resources to provide for our own people. He can’t possibly expect that we have any surplus to spare in this desperate time—not when my citizens are still struggling to resume their lives!‘’
Your group, being very close to Lord Rayell, overhears the normally kind Lord go into this tirade and take a step closer.
’’But my lord,” the messenger responds, “according to General Stillwater, this is suspected to be the greatest discovery of our race… ever. We cannot hesitate; you need to do your duty.” This goes on for a while until Lord Rayell dismisses the messenger, telling him that he needs time to think about it.
Your group comes to the rescue! As lord Rayell explains what is going on, a member of your group interrupts him.
‘’My lord, with all due respect: we would be more than willing to help you out. I’m sure the “heroes of Edryn” would be more than enough for the General on behalf of your city.’’


General Stillwater, one of the great generals from Arein, has ordered every lord in the kingdom to deliver supplies, finances or manpower to a large mining operation north of Edryn.
While precise details are scant, the mere invocation of his authority and call upon all the lords of the realm marks the operation as extremely significant.
After the battle of Edryn, Lord Rayell is not able—and, frankly, not willing—to oblige, as the rehabilitation of the region and his citizens comes first.
As a result, your group will travel on behalf of Edryn to check out this project, and see what all the fuss is about. After going over it with your group and some of the allies you have made in the last couple weeks, Killian and Minori vocalize that they will come with you, as they have contacts and business to attend to in the same area north of the city.

NA Day 1

Day 1 is when the party is first formed and meets at a tavern in the city of Kural. There the journeys of Quinn Garo a human monk, Alicio Delmonte a half-elf sorcerer, Everoth Grudge-Feaster a dwarf ranger, Tet Iounchild a human cleric, and Dolgan Ironbuster a dwarf fighter would intertwine. They along with a group of guards would be tasked with guarding a crystal that would be enroute to Arein. None of the group knew what was in the crystal, only that they were supposed to guard it.

Shortly into their journey they came across a couple who was in desperate need of aid. The man Steven was seriously injured and the woman Kailec was in near hysteria over the kidnapping of her child by goblins. After Tet healed Steven the group decided to chase after the goblins to rescue the child from the goblins.

The Rebuilding of Edryn
Season 1 Epilogue

After the battle at Edryn, the city and our heroes now enjoy a time of peace. Stryde and Valyse were successfully defeated. The city is being rebuilt, and wounds are beginning to heal. Those who left the city before the attack start to return to their homes. Thanks to the effort of our heroes, most of the civilians survived that day. Most of the southern wall and the gate have been destroyed due to the flying warship crashing into it. The architects have been working nonstop on a special project based on an idea from Saladin to not just rebuild the wall and gate, but to widen the southern part of the city, which will increase the size of Edryn as a city and allow for more people to find shelter in times of turmoil. Many people have been hired to work on this project and construction workers from all over the area joined in.

The noble Rayell family spend these two weeks visiting different parts of the city to connect more with their subjects, hearing their wishes and grudges, and learning the needs of their people, while humble servants like Marina are still found maintaining the castle. Lord Rayell, still broken over the absence of Elcam, now finds solace in his work, ordering the reconstruction of Galleo’s home into an orphanage, creating a home for children who lost their parents during the attack. Galleo, who has been banned from the city for his actions before the battle, has not shown his face ever since. It seems that any who were previously associated have disappeared as well, such as Ricardo. Monach is similarly unseen following the siege.

After finally seeing a guardian with her own eyes, Samara takes short leave of absence to travel to Southern Azor with Elmo, to continue her research about the guardians. Serkan returns to Azor with them as well.

Elena has finally returned to court, having expressed to everyone that the white dragon that appeared in the end must have been a blessing from the Gods. She and Pholar, along with Faith, spend their time overseeing the healing and security for the wounded. The people ask for the identity and location of this ‘’white dragon blessing’,’ yet the noble family does not seem to pursue this matter.

Captain Joash is nowhere to be found. Over half of his squad from Arein has fallen in battle. His 2nd in command, Seth, has taken command of the squad, and they will be returning to Arein after
the city has calmed down.

Dakbu and Graknar rebuild the eastern subterranean’ entrance into a passage that is less accessible. Graknar and his orcs, Kiff among them, have gained deep respect for “Karaga’s clan,’’ as Dakbu and his men have proven themselves more than capable to hold their own next to the orcish reavers. They lost 14 from Tychusar and 4 at the eastern tunnel, leaving 22 remaining, but their spirits are high.

Semcha is in shock. Many buildings were destroyed or set aflame when the goblin/undead army marched through, although they seem to not be in complete despair. Apparently, a large group of lumberjacks came into Semcha just before the attack and helped evacuate the village. Those who didn’t want to leave the village still haven’t been found. However, some people claim to have seen their bodies in the city of Edryn, mangled and misshapen by a mysterious green, glowing magic. Saladin and Karth spend many days in Semcha to comfort the people and aid in the reconstruction. Farmer Chris, along with his son Josh and Bernard’s boys send supplies and food to Semcha in support, and are otherwise found helping in the area. Meanwhile, nearby village Darak seems unharmed, and have sent manpower and supplies to Semcha as aid.

Killian and Minori help wherever they can, but after a week and a half, Killian receives a letter that seems to make him restless. He and Minori prepare themselves for departure.

Word of this battle has reached the surrounding areas. As expected, most of the lords of the surrounding castles send their condolences and offer aid in “any way they can,” yet most of this ’’support’’ would never find it’s way to Edryn. By contrast, Arein does send a large sum of money in support of the rebuilding of the city. This, of course, comes with the reminder of General Stillwater‘s ’’request’’ for aid in the northern mining operation.

Dimpy and Jack are helping in any way they can that involves throwing large parties, as Dimpy outwardly theorises that, “nothing makes people forget sorrows like a mug full of ale and a tummy full of food.” Martha, through all this chaos, is still looking for the people who have been bewitching her. Harold is still Harold. Nickolai’s house has been completely destroyed, he and his family have been hiding in his sisters basement and seem to be doing just fine. The Moody Hedgehog is still standing, but is one of the many buildings that has been severely damaged. Tobias, after waking up, spent his time searching for any remnant of Galleo’s operations; finding nothing, he retired dejectedly to join in Dimpy’s escapist extravaganzas.

Day 13/14

Suren and the human thug are taken away by Dakbu and his squad. Samara still doesn’t want to be the Guardian. She shows us the way to the power, Karaga and Galindan get stopped by Samara while traversing through Samara’s traps. Nox gets manages to fuck up fairly decently and gets pulled into some weird ass portal she can’t quite crawl out of on her own. After the dissapointing attempts of Lach’lann and Karaga, Iron Galindan snatches her robust figure out of there literally singlehandedly.

Karaga steps out of the palace to send some animal messengers. It’s a clear night with the moon out. She notices the entirely empty marketplace. She manages to send a pigeon to Elmo saying „You can’t run away forever. You know where to find us.“
After being joined by Lach’lann, she sends another messenger to Graknar and the orcs: „The one you seek is in Edryn. Seek us out there.“ When returning to the castle, they notice a heavily armoured dwarf in their vicinity. STAY TUNED

Kalmorr makes corrections to some letters, Galindan tries to figure out how to survive in these unsavoury circumstances and trods off to the kitchen to get some meat. Forgot what Nox did. Nashira talks to Samara but doesn’t glean too much important intel. SHe notifies the wizard of possible incoming orcs in the near future.

OUTISDE PLOT CONTINUES Meanwhile, the outside situation continues. His damaged armor is completed by a huge heavy hammer. He’s checking out the sky, the moon, the stars, and gets chatted up by Karaga and Lach’lann. They all spend some time pondering the beauty of the view and the meaning of life and why sunlight sensitivity isn’t an issue during the night. He reveals he’s Pholar, a paladin and a priest of Correlon charged with training the initiates in the Temple of Bahamut. He appreciates Lach’lann’s deity of choice and invities him to come to the Paladin Temple in the morning. Lach’lann remembers Marcus mentioned this particular dwarf on numerous occasions.
Karaga also manages to remember that Pholar was a defender in Faelin and part of the attack on Milvanos‘ Keep but missed the final attack on Faelin.

Galindan sleeps in the kitchen area after getting some meat and gets a ton of bacon after waking up.
Galindan dream: Only thing visible is water. Feels constricting, hard to catch a breath. Holding onto the rope on the ship, sounds of screaming from the crew members and Ricky going mental with fear. The large human captain is holding onto the ship’s wheel and sailing into the storm while laughing maniacally. Galindan rushes to the captain to stop him, and hears the captain whisper: „I will not stop ,even if it means we all die. But this storm will not be the end of us.“ Galindan grabs Ricky and jumps overboard into the water. As the wood elf’s cheeck is caressed, a female voice speaks: „THROUGH MADNESS AND DARKNESS LIGHT AND SERENITY WILL FIND ITS WAY. YOUR TIME HAS NOT YET COME.“

Karaga is late for breakfast and upon showing up visibly tired, she curiously touches Nashira’s hand and thanks her for the night, then thanks Nox for the morning. Lach’lann also shows up late smelling of lavender.

Saladin joins us for the breakfast having learned of the Power from Samara. Thanks to Galindan’s exquisite questions, we learn that:
1. the Guardian Power can only appear after a Guardian is killed.
2. Guardian wannabes must be deemed worthy by the power (or potentially by the spirit of the former guardian), by another guardian or prove their worth by succeeding in a trial in order to able to take up the power.
3. Each power has their own aspect, and does not adapt to wielder. This also means that non compatible wannabes cannot acquire the power.
4. This particular power’s aspect is undetermined, but seems to have s strong arcane bend.
We also talk to Saladin about setting up defenses for the attack and discuss what to do: moving people to the temple of Bahamut, defending the tunnels, creating a fake signal of the power far away from the actual location, and decide to leave many of the responsibilites to the city guard while the party splits up.


Lach’lann goes to meet Pholar at the former Temple of Corellon, now the Temple of the Raven Queen to see the master paladin throwing out the “priests” and cursing them for their blasphemy. Lach’lann’s heart sings! Questioning acolytes are silenced by Pholar and Lach’lann and together they go to the Temple of Bahamut. Pholar offers him some wine and they get to talking. Lach’lann reveals to Pholar that Tychusar’s attack on Edryn is imminent. Pholar is surprised and they talk about the curse and how all paladins that attacked Milvanos’ Keep got cursed and died a horrible death, except for Pholar who also was there (I KNOW, RIGHT?). Lach’Lann asks Pholar if we can use the temple as a gathering place for citizens to defend them during the attack. Pholar agrees as he realizes the defensive strength of the structure. Lach’lann tries to find a priest of Corellon to bless his glaive, but Pholar tells him there’s no Corellon worshippers beside the 2 of them. Lach’lann’s like, they all dumb, but Pholar says they’re misguided and that Lach’lann needs to know people before judging them. He then takes Lach’lann to his own creation: an altar to Corellon inside the Bahamut temple. After spending some time in meditation, a young 17 yo girl in scale armor named Faith shows up to bring some disturbing news to Master Pholar – news of the attack. After a lot of thought, Lach’lann surmises that Pholar is an Oath of the Ancients Paladin. He also explains to the girl the path of paladins, and the difference in approaches different paladins take. And that it is important to think about what approach you want to take as it is binding and it’s a literal oath. So she needs to find out what her purpose is and choose her path accordingly and follow it, but also to realise she can feel free to ally with people of differing schools of thought or some that are not even paladins at all. Faith feels overwhelmed and is eager to learn more from Lach’lann. Pholar gathers the trainees to prepare them for battle. He asks Lach’lann what to do. Lach’lann says that they need to use the temple to protect the citizens and Pholar sends out the initiates out to gather people and asks Lach’lann for help in this. Some of the people they try to get into the temple offer to donate money to get separate rooms or better place while in the temple. He gives them a speech about how the temple is not a place of trade and how they will simply be in the temple with everyone else and no amount of money can change that. If they choose to stay in their homes then they are welcome to it. Faith takes some more notes. He tries to leverage any nobles he meets to provide their own guards to aid in the fight, but they all ask for a special room in the temple for themselves if they do what he wants. He can get 12 noble families providing 180 of their guards in a special noble room, but due to their spacial requirements this would leave about 500 people that could use that space without shelter. He decides to go with this plan as the guard reinforcements increase the chance of defending the city, whereas simply being able to shelter more people might mean their death anyways if the defenses do not hold up. Pholar agrees with his plan and wants to discuss something with him after dinner. Pholar takes Lach’lann away from the temple district near the city gates. He says that tomorrow might be a glorious story of heroism or of a horrible death. He appreciates Lach’lann’s help during the day and recognizes the hard decisions he had to make. Then he asks Lach’lann what he knows about Necrofire. Apparently it’s a power used to raise the bodies of the dead to burn the flesh of the living. It was found by Milvanos and used by his org. Through the years, Marcus and Pholar had been working on how to counter the power and he teaches Lach’lann a new move. V, S components and it uses some of the user’s life force. The verbal component is “Deluminate” and can be used as a reaction. This thing can be used to counter a spell using Necrofire. Furthermore, he teaches Lach’lann about letting people in that he may not agree with and to not write off people that disappoint him but guide them on the right path. He also asks Lach’lann to take Faith with him during the battle to teach her shit.
Before going to Galleo, Kalmorr talks to Nashira about the bounty on Benji’s head. He tells her there’s no other bounty on Nash or Kurrak. He also informs her that he will come clean if needed and blame Bannon, which might be problematic as Kalmorr has some of his things.


Kalmorr (disguised), Galindan and Nox (disguised as Mildred the Fixer) talk to Ricardo about the crate moving job. They learn Galleo has decided to keep them in the city for now due to all the trouble that has happened in the city as well as not having a group from the city escorting the crates. Ricardo informs them they need to gather more people, get through background checks and join some of their own men in the warehouse before heading out. They ask for the location of the warehouse and are now planning on sneaking in there.

Galindan doffs the armor before being intercepted by a patron from the Sneezy Elephant remembering Galindan’s pigeon burning incident. As they come closer the party meets a red robed young human named Tobias ordering people around and telling them where to move crates and all that. Kalmorr introduces himself as Minzin Tenzor and asks for a job, which doesn’t work so he mentiones the specific job we came here for. We learn their trade caravans have been interrupted by numerous attacks from a large pack of wolves and the US party. They agree to work for the org for 5g/day.

They carry some crates into the warehouse where they notice a huge amount of cannons, cannonballs and black powder. Looking around, they see about 8 guards and another 20 workers in the warehouse. They concoct a plan of knocking out Tobias and Kalmorr disguising as him, but Tobias has left by the time they decide so Kalmorr just turns into Tobias anyways. He orders all the workers to start bringing all the shit into the castle as apparently our gracious lord has bought it all from Galleo.

So the crates get moved to the castle, but the first cargo arriving is a bunch of gnome-sized bath robes and lingerie, jewelry, ointments and gods know what else. Saladin, upon seeing this and talking to Kalmorr, he scathes him for stealing the cargo and to ask for approval from Galleo first as he’s still a citizen of the city and can now sue us. Kalmorr sends the workers back and tells them to only bring the weapons into the palace.

While this is going on, Tobias shows up to cause trouble. He tries to interrogate Kalmorr disguised as him, but cannot manage to persuade the con man or the nearby warehouse workers. So he decides to run back to Galleo to let him know of this. Unfortunately for him, Nox manages to charm him and drag him through the streets of Edryn. Due to 7 random gnomes and Galindan following her, she could not comfortably dispose of Tobias. As this troupe walks around the city, they pass by Martha and Harold’s house. Martha, of course, instantly recognizes Nox as the person that keeps charming her, but cannot do much about it before getting charmed again. Nox, Tobias, Galindan and the 7 gnomes enter the old couple’s house and have a pleasant tea party. The 2 wood elves leave the house with Tobias, knock him out and carry his body into the tunnels and leave him in Dakbu’s custody.

Meanwhile, Kalmorr (still disguised) ensures Saladin that the cannons are in fact ok to use by the guards and they get stationed around the city walls in preparation for the attack.


Karaga and Nashira found their way into the tunnels to meet Dakbu and Suren. They see Dakbu making plans over the map of the city tunnels. He’s surprised to see the pair again. Karaga checks on Suren, he is alive but seems a bit stressed out. They talk to Dakbu about what to do. They learn Monach is a sellsword currently working for Tychusar, problem is when he left Corvus Corone he took 80% of the force with him and is currently hiring more in Menethar. They inform Dakbu about Graknar and his merry band and ask him to send a scout to meet the orcs if they do come and get them into the city, but Dakbu can’t spare the people. He also shows them all the tunnels under the city and which they plan on blocking. Karaga asks Dakbu if he understands what’s going on in the tunnels, he heard it’s a monster, or a lair of an old mage, but he hasn’t seen anything himself. She also asks Suren where the weapons are, and he says it’s in Galleo’s warehouse. He planned to move them south, where he’s setting up an expedition to get something from the southern seas, and he’s building a ship for it. But FWIW Galleo doesn’t work for Tychusar or Monach, he only works for himself and is hard to get him to be an ally to anyone but his wallet. Nashira asks where Suren would go had he succeeded in the recon mission. He says between the icy plateau and Edryn and would report to a wyvern wizard named Ruhin who oversaw this thing. Suren also knows the camp had only one wyvern wizard in Ruhin, and about 60 fighters such as goblins, drow, ex-crows, mercenaries and such. The tieflings go to the city gates to see quite a commotion as Graknar and his merry band show up. The citizens and guards are scared and do not want to allow the orcs into the city as our tiefling pair are vouching for them rather unsuccessfully. Nashira then manages to telepathically convince Graknar to back off from the city as she plans on bringing them inn through one of the tunnels. The orcs were ready for a fight so do not quite agree with the decision, until Graknar silences them and they all follow Nashira. Graknar talks to Karaga about the respect she has gained in their community and to not fuck it up. They meet with Dakbu who quickly inspect the situation and tells the orcs that Karaga’s the chieftain and he’s part of her clan.

EU Day 14+15
The Penultimate Episode
  • Recap
    • Dakbu holds on to Tychusar’s former scouts, Suren and the unnamed human
    • Kalmorr knows where the power is

Day 14

  • Lach’lann asks if Samara will take the power; she avoids to answer
  • She attempts to show us where it is: 2 steps NW, 2 south… a weird pattern, almost like a dance
    • Attempting to memorise and retrace, Karaga (10) and Galindan (9) almost misstep, only to be stopped by Samara yelling as much
    • Nox (1?) steps on a trap and becomes trapped in some kind of invisible trap that makes her feel heavy
      • Lach (1) fails to help her up; Karaga (2) as well; Galindan (15) succeeds
  • Marina (not-Kalmorr) is there when we take the portal back, lol, to tell us our rooms are ready
    • We only have 2 rooms, prompting Galindan to seek a night’s rest elsewhere
  • clear sky outside; the market area, previously bustling and full, is now cleaned up and empty in the wake of the fight with Stryde
  • Karaga steps out before bed to send some messages
    • 1st one to Elmo: “You can’t run away forever. You know where to find us.”
  • Lach’lann steps out.
    • Evasively does something similar to apologising about Elmo, saying he assumed that if Karaga asked Elmo to take the power that he would be more likely to concede.
    • Karaga asks for help constructing a message for Graknar and the others. Recollection that they were after Mira and therefore Tychusar shapes the message.
    • “The one you seek is in Edryn. Find us there.”
    • While Lach’lann attempts to uncomfortably talk about food with Karaga on the way back in, they see a dwarf in the centre of the empty market district, heavily armoured and looking at the sky.

Meanwhile, in the palace…
Kalmorr is alone in the men’s room; Nox in the women’s. Samara and Nashira are together fixing and setting up the traps that the rest had fumbled over.

Back outside…
“It’s majestic, isn’t it? The sky, and the stars?” Pholar asks, before explaining in comfortable conversation that he’s training people at the Temple of Bahamut and introducing himself to the sneaky, prodding Lach’lann and Karaga duo.

Wherever there are people following Corellon, I do as well.

He mentions he’s been looking for Marcus, and Lach’lann remembers that he’d heard tale of Pholar from Marcus; that basically Pholar was Marcus’s best friend. Pholar formally invites Lach’lann to the Temple of Bahamut in the Temple District in the morning to meet the whelps.
Karaga had never met him, but she remembered him as being there on the assault on Milvanos’s castle that cursed the paladins. Upon confirming this mentally, she bids farewell and heads inside to bed.

That night, Galindan sleeps in the kitchen cellar and dreams about constricting water. Galindan isn’t in the water, but is hanging on by a rope in a storm. The sound of wind is heard, deafening; Ricky is screaming and crying. The captain is a large guy who insisted on setting sail in spite of the incoming storm, laughing a bit maniacally. Galindan reels self in and runs toward the captain, screaming to turn back. He whispers,

I will sail until the end of days.

Galindan grabs and picks up Ricky, tossing a plank overboard and jumping off with Ricky while hearing the voice of the captain; in third person, Galindan sees Galindan disappearing into the waves. Then, there’s white, and a soft feeling against Galindan’s cheek.

Through madness and darkness… now is not your time.

Day 15


Lach meditates and bathes. Nashira studied her book from the cultist cave before sleeping, so she’s been thinking on that. Karaga has a nightmare combined with restless sleep about Faelin, and as a result is late to breakfast, having been consoled through the night and after waking by Nashira and Nox. She thanks them for their efforts.
Saladin begins to discuss the preparations of the siege. Being the terrible listeners that they are, the two of them focus on reaching for the pepper for their breakfasts. Seeing Lach reach for it, Karaga attempts to take it more swiftly and accidentally knocks it on the ground, spilling it and making Saladin pause with disgruntlement before resuming.

Okay… moving on.

Lach picks it up.


  • our contacts tell us no informants escaped
  • when a guardian dies, their power is protected
  • a power is identified with a certain aspect
  • this one is arcane power

Strategy talk:

  • how could we defend from the air, as Saladin wants?
    • what about the griffin riders that Alicio mentioned? Saladin reveals it still takes 1 day by air to get here from Arein.

Party splits:

  • Karaga + Nashira to Dakbu/the tunnels
  • Lach’lann to the Temple District with Pholar
  • Nox, Kalmorr, and Galindan to Galleo/Ricardo
Lach + Temple of Bahamut

Lach arrives to find Pholar aggressively tossing people out of the fake temples and basically falls in love with him. The other paladins, all younger acolytes, try weakly to defend against the concept of Pholar’s aggression, which Pholar berates them for.

  • Kalmorr + Nashira have a brief aside about Bannon before splitting.
Kalmorr + Galindan + Galleo + Nox

The three think on disguises as they head to the poor district, where Galleo’s mansion and Ricardo are to be found. While Kalmorr and Nox come up with some really ridiculous stuff, Galindan insists on staying Galindan so that Galleo knows who to be afraid of.

Karaga + Nashira

They stop by the Salty Eagle on the way over to Dakbu. Dimpy is in the middle of the doorway and barely conscious, which is par for the course. He rambles on about a secret party, which Karaga finds almost exclusively uninteresting while she preens the room for Jack and drags Dimpy out of the walkway. Nashira coolly leans against an open window’s sill outside so as to not flag the negative attention of Jack. All signs in the tavern point to “wild party ended recently,” such as bodies and smells all over the place, combined with Jack paying off the keeper.

Karaga asks Jack about Monach, and Jack mentions having heard of him being in Menethar; that he was in contact with Stryde and Valyze via letter. “That guy we worked with, Kalen, was recruiting people, being hired by people…” he says unsure of what Karaga’s looking for. When Karaga asks if Jack cares about Stryde & Valyze, he laments that there used to be a lot less “uncivilised” parties. Karaga thanks him and leaves, collecting Nashira on the way out as they beeline to the tunnels.

Lach’lann + Pholar

Lach tells Pholar about the Tychusar attack, which Pholar is shocked about, because Lach had waited to tell him. Lach asks why Pholar isn’t sick like most of the paladins who seiged Milvanos’s keep.
bq). I’ve been asking myself that every day since it started.
Pholar goes on to tell Lach’lann that the “boys and girls” of the temple are immature and unprepared. He also gets into it with Lach’lann about the importance of the law.
bq). Laws are meant to serve the people; not for people to serve the law.
He tells Lach to know people before judging them.

Galindan & Co

They end up at the warehouse after the recommendation from the freaky Ricardo job bulletin situation at Galleo’s property. There are gnomes and humans, among them a man in a red robe who isn’t Elmo. People are towing things and moving things around. The late-20s red robe, eventually self-identified as Tobias, is basically debating with people like any good pedant would. Kalmorr introduces himself as Menzin Kantor, and Nox herself as Mildred. Galindan prods with what Tobias seems to indicate is no social grace and yet he answers all of Galindan’s questions with a lot of detail, such as explaining that the cannon moving has been delayed by WOLVES??? attacking the caravans. He then goes on to say something about a group of annoying people including 2 dwarves, 1 human, 1 half-elf, and…
Inside the ship are giant cannonballs, ships cannons, and black powder.

Karaga, Nashira

They get in via the usual door behind the barracks. The stain of Dakbu’s blood is still there. The old man gatekeeper confusedly said that he supposes they’re friends with Dakbu now and lets them right in.

(more to be added, i’m tiiired)

EU Day ?
why are my notes so incomprehensible?
  • Karaga remembers a professor who was OBSESSED with this topic
    • Dusk and dawn were the most stable
    • The place to find them is the representation of their place
  • Erothius been pining after the powers for a decade; has been trying to pander to Dawn
    • Party concerned about incriminating
  • Karaga’s idea: have kalmorr turn into this prof and reach out to Erothius
  • Invited to dinner w Samara w the lord and his guests
  • Go into the tunnels altogether
    • 4 tychosar peeps show up
    • Kalmorr tries to convince them he’s been blinded by finding the power
    • One is convinced
    • They start leaving
    • Karaga chases after and casts entangle
    • Nox shoots one out
    • Galindan holds person
    • Kalmorr overshoots and goes center instead of right; stumbles upon actual power, to no one’s realisation
    • Lachlann chases but doesn’t get to anyone
    • Karaga turns into a warhorse
    • good Karaga/Nashira synergy—Nash jumps on while Karaga is riding by and Phantasmal Force-s one person, whom Karaga hoofs in the face (and accidentally to death by way of the PF)
    • N riding K u-turn at which point N does a ride-by rapier strike (2nd rapier use in entire season?); karaga rear-kicks person nonlethally
  • verge torture scene
  • karaga/suren connection
  • appearance of Dakbu, hand-off of Suren
Day 12 EU Group
The Ballard of Galindan...

Amalgamated notes from session on 19/10/16.

Sam still needs to go through and make it presentable/understandable…

Notes from day 12.

On the run for kidnapping Elcom…

In crow place we can see Samira time is around 5pm

Karaga goes to talk to crow, wants to seek out Samira that night, also asks about Galleo and S&V history.

Too much happening for just s and v to be working alone.

Can get people to Samira’s room room

Elcom asleep before taken

Crow is called Dakbu

Healing magic wont work on Dakbu

Karaga would also like to speak to Jack for info on S&V.

Guards coming everyone needs to escape, all go into catacombs

Encounter inside of a tower, Dakbu tells party to climb up if they want to go visit Samira, Party begin to climb the narrow void.

Kalmorr leaves last asks Dakbu about why Galio after Benji, it’s because of mob boss incident in Kurral, Kalmorr confides to Dakbu that he is Benji…this is of course to no one’s surprise. Dakbu offers to look into more info around Benji such as associates, Kalmorr suggests he can find it on his own, if successful Kalmorr may have a side job?

Galindan saves Karaga from falling in tower climb, when Nashira and Lach’lann finish tower climb secret note passing happens that no bodies see’s.

Emerge under kitchen, see servant sleeping

Karaga suggests that we question the sleeping servant and that Kalmorr should find a face to steal, he does this. Kalmorr Disguise self as Marina a shy looking servant, group is now due to disguise and deception: two guards, Marina, a mouse, Galindan guard and invisi Lach’lann

Galindan seen by cook on way out of kitchen, questions who he is – wants to duel Galindan challenges him to singing competition. Excellent singing by David. Gains inspiration for it!

Chef offers Galindan a job in the kitchen, gives him a gift a small potion bottle sparkly potion! Potion of water breathing! 1 person for 1 hour

Break into Samira’s room, guards inside, Nashira gets Kalmorr to pretend to drop illusion food, 2 nat 20s from Nashira. Then a 25!

Samira has an illusion spell up, reacts to us. We talk, she blames s & v as well.

Magic energy sensed in area, grown in last few weeks, Elcom kidnapped while she was investigate. Discussed other party, source of magic in city, if bad people find magic would be really bad. Milvanos’ people in city. “The guardian” strong source of magic no guardians for all elements, world not in balance. Guardians protected by identity, some are regular people some not. – Drow assassins from ep 1 Dunead are working with Milvanos people.

Guardians for sources of power, we haven’t had ones in power, which makes the world off balance
The guardians have names? – nashira
The ones we know of are protected by their identity/are kept hidden because of their identity
Lady of dawn
Kept her from getting sacrificed
Samira almost gets sacrificed
Never a bad thing to be in dawn’s good graces “” (Samira)
I can assure you you did not meet dawn herself but one of her maidens; she considers her maidens to be a part of herself… but there are those whose identities are hidden. Dusk and dawn are of light and dark, then those of the elements, then other persuasions… life… but not every spot has been filled.”
If someone were to break the balance… well, I’m sorry for my language, but we’re all screwed
Don’t you mean fucked!?” – Galindan
I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing happening in the city is just a distraction for him taking this power for himself…”
The duneads and the people who…
Drow assassins from beginning were part of org called the Duneads
well, as you know, there are good and bad people on every side,” samira says while looking invisible lachlann in the eyes (!!!)
I think we know the guardian of nature and it’s that old guy who can never remember anything
We need to either get someone worth of it, to it, and the next
Annoying guy erothius… may be an arch wizard but does not have the right to wield this kind of power
This will lead you to the heart of the city… the underbelly, so to speak.”
I suggest you find someone worthy before you find it, should you find it…”
Certainly not one to abuse his power
We could find one of the existing guardians and ask him/her to take it

One guardian for each aspect, power naturally protected. She doesn’t want Arothious to wield the power. Has portal leading to where the search for power lead her to. Will decide later who to give power to. think nos is the guardian of nature

Either clear name and help or help.

Jewellery box stolen some pieces worth a lot, family heirlooms, represents family power stones.

Communication stones, placed on teeth to use, teeth need to be clenched in order to be activated, then can talk and relay message to the other one. Samira keeps hold of one and Nashira the other. Kalmorr thinks this would lead to a lot of inadvertent chewing noises being sent back and forth.

Leave Samira’s room, Nashira and Nox get the guards to switch places with the group, as soon as they go inside party immediately leaves , on way out hear singing from kitchen cue lion king song from chef and less enthusiastic backing from kitchen staff. Decide to leave via servant exit to avoid guards in the tunnels and hopefully leave without attracting much attention.

During exit see servants/guards running to exit, “need to help people”

Servants blocking entrance, guards trying to get through, in market square, part of it is burning, stalls on fire people burning huge fire on south side of square, may have been explosion, gnomes running around in a panic, no pattern to destruction.

See Stride standing in middle of chaos, he is facing off against a group of people, has only one arm. Party approaches the chaos, see other party. Stride alone, Killian there too. And a group of hooded tieflings are fighting other party.

As party approaches Stride disappears, reappears on a roof a little bit away. Other party fights hooded tieflings apart from a human who chases after Stride, Galindan and Lach’lann both try to follow, Galindan trips and falls bringing down Lach’lann on his descent.

EU Day ???
  • Guardians for sources of power, we haven’t had ones in power, which makes the world off balance
  • The guardians have names? – nashira
  • The ones we know of are protected by their identity/are kept hidden because of their identity
  • Lady of dawn
  • Kept her from getting sacrificed
  • Samara almost gets sacrificed (WHY DID I WRITE THIS???)
    bq). Never a bad thing to be in dawn’s good graces.

I can assure you you did not meet dawn herself but one of her maidens; she considers her maidens to be a part of herself… but there are those whose identities are hidden. Dusk and dawn are of light and dark, then those of the elements, then other persuasions… life… but not every spot has been filled.

If someone were to break the balance… well, I’m sorry for my language, but we’re all screwed
- Samara

Don’t you mean fucked!?
- Galindan

  • Milvanos?
    bq). I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing happening in the city is just a distraction for him taking this power for himself… The duneads and the people who… (???)
  • Drow assassins from beginning were part of org called the Duneads

well, as you know, there are good and bad people on every side
- samira says while looking invisible lachlann in the eyes (!!!)

  • I think we know the guardian of nature and it’s that old guy who can never remember anything
  • We need to either get someone worth of it, to it, and the next
  • Annoying guy erothius… may be an arch wizard but does not have the right to wield this kind of power
  • “This will lead you to the heart of the city… the underbelly, so to speak.”
  • “I suggest you find someone worthy before you find it, should you find it…”
  • Certainly not one to abuse his power
  • We could find one of the existing guardians and ask him/her to take it
  • I think nos is the guardian of nature
Day ???? EU
Rescuing Galindan
  • Galindan lost control of self
  • Lach’lann walking with Leanne and others to Azor
  • Nashira and Kalmorr and Karaga head to Galindan
  • Karaga and nashira sneak up on either side of wyvern rider (coming down to attack Galindan) successfully

o Kalmorr snipes him with eldritch blast, hits him a bit

o Karaga jumps out at him and hits him with a claw attack

o He starts running away

o Karaga hits him again

  • Meanwhile nox and lach’lann

o Nox sees he’s about to be attacked by a wyvern tries to warn him

o He gets super paranoid

o She tells him she knows nashira

o He ignores her and walks into the ambush and blames her for it

  • Karaga knocks the mask of

o Kalmorr is attacked

o Nashira tries to get to galindan

  • Lach’lann and nox

o Nox kills the wyvern

  • Karaga kills the guy after running through the fire after nashira and galindan

o Lach’lann shows up with Nox

o Wyvern attacks karaga after she rips the mask

  • Then we went to the tower for a short rest

o 9 wyverns showed up

o Start running

o They fireball us twice

o Galindan burns both masks

o Kalmorr leaves one on a tree

  • ELMO teleports us home

o We go to the tavern to rest

o Karaga goes to get a room for her and nashira

o Nashira insists on nox being there as well

o Karaga feels rejected and stressed but nashira insists on all 3 of them sharing the room

  • Can recharge elmo’s star stone

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