The masks are used by Tychusar’s faction in order to communicate with one another. As illustrated with use by Karaga, Nashira, and Galindan, they seem to have some occasional defensive enchantment that results in the physical paralysis of the wearer. Tychusar may then directly access their mind and cause mental harm to the wearer. The only person known to have suffered this experience is Galindan.

The masks are also used to communicate within the faction. The party members have occasionally been able to listen in, but rarely have been able to understand. The EU party was followed by wyvern riders one day, which led to the conclusion that people can be traced using the masks.


This is the first mask that the EU party ever encountered. It was worn by a drow spy that Karaga accidentally killed. These seem to indicate scouts.


Tychusar was seen wearing this mask in the episode where the EU party was returning the bauble to the ocean for the darkwater mercenaries. The party was then followed, alongside the Faelin survivors they found, by about a dozen wyvern riders. Galindan eventually split off to distract and derail the wyverns and riders. Tychusar came down to go toe to toe with the party, and was wearing this mask.


The wolf masks seem to denote soldiers of the organisation, or more specifically wyvern riders. The masks somehow connect the riders and the wyverns. Removing a rider’s mask results in the aggression of the wyvern against the former rider.


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