Blink orbs

Encountered by the EU party on day 11?

The adventurers were tasked by Saladin to investigate the claims that the village called Semcha were having issues with ghosts stealing from a nearby farm.

The adventurers investigated Chris’s Farm a few miles northeast of Semcha, there they talked with Chris, his son Josh and some farmhands. They said that supplies what been stolen over the last few days and they couldn’t find a trace of who took the supplies. Josh claimed that he’d seen the supplies float away and was convinced that ghosts were the culprits. The others on the farm did not share his convictions.

Karaga found some tracks leading from the barn to the nearby forest. The party followed the tracks and once in the forest seemingly attacked by invisible assailants. The attackers were teens/preteens stealing supplies from the nearby farm under orders a man named Kalen. They were using magical marbles to temporarily transport themselves to another plane to help in stealing the supplies from the farmers.

The marbles seem to be powered by a larger orb, the party managed to capture the orb from Kalen shortly before they killed him. Kalmorr managed to steal a marble from one of Kalen’s lackeys and Galindan found a broken marble after the skirmish. Unfortunately the “controller orb” was damaged in the fight and has reduced the effectiveness of the marbles the party has.

Blink orbs

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