Tag: Deceased


  • Stryde and Valyse

    Valyse had an arranged marriage with [[:killian | Killian]], she had repeated flings with Stryde before her wedding day. On the day of the wedding they ran away together. They now procure artifacts for gold. Once a job is complete they return to a …

  • Ziru

    Was the tutor to Karth whilst he was still alive. The EU party had little interaction with him, they saw he recognised the word "Tychus" which they'd later link with [[:tychusar | Tychusar]] Died in an explosion.

  • Kalen

    Kalen was a human who threatened teenagers to steal farm supplies for him in the area around [[Semcha]]. He would check in on [[:bernard | Bernard]] and the other teenagers every few days to collect their stuff. He also was trying to gather people for …