Fall of the Paladins

Day ??? EU
Looks like Karaga's POV...

Muzar – trying to set up a way to Azor, we’re free to join

-kurrak passes out in the tavern

-take him to kirgof who doesn’t help

-take him to temple of serenre

-leave him there

-head to azor with muzar and friends

-almost get kicked out of city

-muzar brings them maps and stuff to leave

-they navigate through the mountain to the other side of Azor

-we find Perfect Circle Caves all around

-i get the feeling the dagger is a sacrifical dagger for blood weapons

Day ???
The EU Group Meets the Mages Council
  • Galindan has a dream

o Galindan in 3rd person sees Galindan getting Ricky get to the boat

  • Go down to eat breakfast

o Karaga runs off to cancel appt but is late (10:30 am)

o Alastair meets

o Karaga points out milvanos correlation

o They are unsure about how to use the favour

  • Galindan and alastair

o Got the documentation of which people go to Milvanos’ for the seige (almost up to 1000 total, soldiers etc)

o Got documentation of deaths of paladins etc

o Got docs of people not showing up for the seige (e.g. Markus)

  • Counsel meeting

o Clapping and cheering (not full auditorium)

o ELMO speaks for us due to Alastair

  • And we talk about celestial woman/dawn/dusk

o Postponed to 2 weeks from now but the decision is postponed

o Erothius is such a jerk

  • Tries to act like we’re spreading weird manipulative rumours with the ceremony info because we don’t have the dagger—"How convenient"
  • Said servants serve and we’re good servants basically

o Galindan fails 2 athletic checks in a row to come in with the dagger and does a bad first roll (6 or 7?)

o Galindan tries to keep the dagger but fails persuasion role

  • Verahn says she’d like to see Galindan etc afterward
  • we tell her about stuff
  • Go to the coast to deliver the bauble

o Find faelin survivors

o Return the bauble

o Morcant led the group of refugees – n/a status

o Return bauble

  • Wyverns show up—12 in the sky over the ocean

o 2 following us as we head back to azor

o Following us

o Following the mask

o Have galindan split off

o Make the refugees head to azor with lach’lann

o 2 more came from the mountain range from north

o Kalmorr and nashira and karaga split off to find galindan

  • We find wyvern rider in the woods walking in one direction

o Karaga turns into a bear to go take them down


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