Wears a dragon mask?


Is connected to the fall of Faelin.

The party was indirectly attacked by Tychusar and his followers when he demanded that the city of Southern Azor return his master, Milvanos. During this battle he recognized Elmo.

Tychusar is a student of Milvanos. All of Tychusar’s followers have animal masks, like the one hyena mask that Nashira found and the wolf masks found by Galindan.

Interactions with EU party:

While escorting a group of Faelin refugees to Southern Azor, 12 wyverns started to track the adventurers, they summarised that the wyverns were tracking them using the wolf mask that Galindan had. Galindan ran off into the forest alone, separated from the group, only to put on the wolf mask, get paralyzed and have the wyverns catch up. After the party rescued their cleric with the aid of a new friend the party gained two additional masks. Unfortunately, they were still being tracked. One of the wyvern riders turned out to be Tychusar, he offered the party their lives if they’d give up the masks, the party decided instead to try and make a run for the nearby city instead.

Tychusar and his followers were easily able to keep up with the party and bombarded them with fireballs, the adventurers decided then that they should leave the masks behind and flee with their lives, but at that point it was too late. Tychusar decided that he’d kill them all for their insolence, fortunately, they were rescued from certain death by Elmo who had become worried that they’d run into danger after he’d received a message from Karaga’s animal messenger earlier.


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