Suren is a 20- or 30-something tiefling. He was a member of the original Corvus Corone led by Monach, and followed Monach after he splintered the faction off. He now works with Dakbu and the Edryn-based Crows again, under Dakbu.

He’s a good, but misguided lad.

- Galindan


Suren was encountered by the EU party in the tunnels beneath Edryn, where he was scouting on behalf of Monach (as part of his deal with Tychusar) the location of the guardian power. His scouting party was ambushed by the EU party alongside Samara. Suren was attacked by Nashira on horseback, and then knocked out with a swift hoof to the face by Karaga.

He awoke tied next to his unnamed human companion, the only two survivors of the four person scouting party. He was vaguely being interrogated by Kalmorr, who threatened torture via hammer and pitons, although he never touched them. Lach’lann attempted to fix the shoulder that Karaga had dislocated earlier, but accidentally made it worse. Karaga then interrupted, healing him and talking to him in Infernal alongside Nashira, at which point he gradually opened up with basically everything he knew.

Later, Dakbu arrived with the head of someone else in a separate scouting party, and offered to take Suren off the party’s hands. Galindan secretly made Dakbu promise not to harm Suren for Karaga’s sake, knowing she would care if he was hurt, and paid Dakbu 14 gold for it.

Suren was later seen in the tunnels strategising freely with Dakbu about the city’s defenses in the penultimate episode, prior to the siege on Edryn.


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