A healer that lives in the city of Southern Azor.

He is currently guarding Milvanos (who is contained in an amulet) in a secret section of his office. He is also guarding a magic knife that Karaga picked up.

He appears to be an acquaintance of Nos, as the EU party interrupted a meeting between the two of them.

When Kurrak died during Tychusar’s attempt to intimidate Arothius into giving up Milvanos, the EU party rush his body inside the city to Serkan, he informed them of a ritual they could perform but it came with risks, Serkan was unwilling to take the risks so Minori stepped in and took his place in the ritual. The party managed to bring Kurrak back but Kurrak, Galindan and Lach’lann (who is very angry with Serkan about this) were all received a black mark on them.


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