Quinn Garo


Physical Description

Quinn Garo Arctic white hair (messy/spiky, held up by the leather bandana), sapphire blue eyes, and light brown skin. He stands at a solid 5’5, weighing 126 lbs. , mostly sculpted muscle-type build, the smoothness of said skin has started fading away, as the monk’s body covered in an array of several old wounds, scars, burns, cuts (both deep and light), it’s completely clear that the 27 year old has seen more violence than a person should. The collar around his neck and shackles around his wrists and ankles are a deep obsidian metal, and even though Quinn has had them for nearly a decade, they look brand new, however little remnants of old chains remain locked in. They’re thick and look incredibly heavy but Quinn seems to hold himself as if they’re not even there.

If anything, at first glance, Quinn seems to just be another cliche thug in a tavern. Though his smile would have you believe he has lead a life of the complete opposite. Just don’t get him angry or that smile bears fangs that complete the ideal thug look… maybe even worse.



The monastery of the Northern Fist, A monastery built on the principles of patience, moving forward, and quelling the rage inside and using it to grow stronger. Now, one would expect a civil individual, a silent temple.. but not Quinn, instead, he is a headstrong, brash, energetic monk with the patience of a young child. Despite this, Quinn is a good soul, determined to help those who can’t help themselves… mostly using his fists to do it.

But there are moments when the rage… when the rage consumes his thoughts. Where violence itself becomes who he is. The monks of his monastery barely talk about what it is, but warn him that if the temptation nears to not feed it, to not let it free. It’s the only thing Quinn is truly afraid of. As the results of letting the monster loose are bloody secrets he never wants to reveal.


Monks make careful study of a magical energy that most monastic traditions call ki. This energy is an element of the magic that suffuses the multiverse—specifically, the element that flows through living bodies. Monks harness this power within themselves to create magical effects and exceed their bodies’ physical capabilities, and some of their special attacks can hinder the flow of ki in their opponents.

At lower levels, those who possess the ability to harness Ki are unable to control the color their respective ki themselves, as their emotions are still unharness and wild, there are countless shades of color associated with these emotions. As a result of this lack of control, Quinn’s ki color responds in kind:

Blue: The staple color exhibited before emotion takes hold

Yellow: Appears in moments of immense excitement

Orange: Appears in moments of immense annoyance

Red: Appears in moments of immense rage

These colors are quite common in the emotional spectrum, however the Garo Bloodline seems to exhibit one more color:

Black [Rare]: “Surge of Murderous Intent”: Not much is known about this color, all that is known is that the masters of the Northern Fist Monastery fear it… and if those guys fear it then so does Quinn.


Early Life (Monastery) (Ages 1-17)

Initially, born in the land of Terumi, Quinn’s family was banished for a crime they didn’t commit many moons ago and through time the reason for this banishment was lost from the Garo family line. With this change of land, the family shifted from a warrior background to a Monk one… Because of this, Quinn grows up in The monastery of the Northern Fist, located in the distant Imperial City of the Taizou Empire. However, even though a young Quinn lived in the Imperial City, he displayed neither the Monastic Traditions nor the “Upper Class” etiquette. Wanting to spend a majority of his time admiring and participating in the Imperial Arena and in the less impressive residential areas of the city.

These decisions got Quinn in more trouble and into the prison system more times than his teacher as well as himself would like to admit. But, somethings are more blessing in disguise for this young man. Because of his time in the slammer, he’s learned a number of things he didn’t learn in his monastery, including languages and a few special “moves” added to his martial arts repertoire.

At the age of 17, Quinn decides to leave everything he ever knew, his monastery, the imperial city, his friends, and his family to venture out into the world, to create and spread his own style of martial arts, and to find out more about his lineage hidden by obscured history (Carrying a small palmed sized badge passed down for generations).


Finally, Quinn wanted to stop getting into trouble and ruining the reputation of the Northern Fist Monastery. Though it doesn’t stop him from visiting the local jail cell on account of him trying to develop this hybrid style of his on local ruffians and drunkards.

However one place kept him much longer than he anticipated…
Rosencaster Prison (Age 18-25)
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“Fall of the Paladins” Storyline (Age 27-Now)

It has been two years since Quinn “escaped” the clutches of Rosencaster, returning back to traveling the world in search of strength and technique. It is here that he finds his way into the city of Faelin, a mere few hours before it was suddenly assaulted by unforeseen forces. The monk quick to act on his feet as he agreed to protect a young woman named Minori, across the sea, only to be given another task as soon as they reached the port town of Kural.

Now partnered together with a few other random adventurers, Quinn Garo must tackle a new continent as his past lingers in his heart and radiates in his very soul…

Quinn Garo

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