Nox’s shoulder length black hair is left down around her pale face, her grey eyes and pointed features usually happy, or at least amused. She’s slim under her black leather armour, though not strong, mostly getting by through stealing for the last few years. The small scars on her hands and arms show she’s been working with daggers for a long time – and she’s not very careful with them.


Nox grew up in the forested Glyph with her family. Close to her parents and older sister Naivara, she sought their approval to leave Glyph, unwilling to spend her whole life there. After finally managing to convince them, Nox set out. She travelled a while, eventually settling in Kural where she met Nashira, and then her eventual employer.
Nox was eventually forced to leave Kural, and continued to travel. She spent a while in Menethar, before she began to miss her best friend, and so decided to seek Nashira out, eventually finding her with the rest of the party.


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