Nashira Verobelin


Nashira has dark brown hair and orange eyes with only vaguely visible pupils. Her skintone is an olive shade that is passable for human or elvish, and dark ivory horns and hooves. She isn’t notably skinny, carrying a comfortable weight especially around her hips, and she stands at 5’6 tall. Her tail ends in a direct point, with no particularly ornamentation.

She wears part of hair swooped around the front of her horns, the better to hide her infernal features when wearing a hood. There are often various bands of jewellery around her horns, most of which have been gifts from Nox over the years. Nashira has small bell-shaped earrings that jingle ever so quietly when she walks or moves her head. She wears a loose purple gown with wide sleeves over her leather armour, belted at the waist. There are ties on the sides that can be tightened to cinch up the hem of the skirt for better mobility in combat. Her hooded cloak is ankle-length and coloured a deep magenta.

Nashira most often presents herself as charming, courteous, and prone to flattering those she interacts with. She relies on these habits to make a good impression on people, hoping that being viewed in a positive light will prevent any unfortunate interpersonal difficulties in the future. But while she relies heavily on maintaining a good reputation, she more fiercely believes in not judging anyone until you have gotten to know them, and will sacrifice the favourable opinion of her peers and superiors in order to stand up for anyone being unfairly judged.


Nashira grew up in the dwarven trading district of Kural, where she and her extended family share a generations-long partnership with the merchant dwarves. Her father runs a shop for enchanted magical items, which she and her brother helped with until Nashira decided to join the Messengers and Couriers Guild. Nashira discovered her bardic talents one night at a tavern she had snuck out to with her childhood friend Liana, when she captured the attention of a rowdy crowd to retell a common fable that someone had been telling entirely wrong and with no flair or sense for drama at all. She did not realise it at the time, but she may have by accident cast an actual magical charm on the crowd. Since then she has not had any formal bardic training, but has picked up bits and pieces from bards who have traveled through Kural.

Nashira worked as a fairly high-ranking member of the Kural branch of Messenger’s Guild for some years, where she was generally employed for the delivery of messages and goods, mostly all legal but also offering more discrete services. Nashira herself specialised in the delivery of private messages, either via encrypted scrolls or through a telepathic connection via Message.

Some time prior to her departure from Kural she came into contact with Kalmorr, who required her services in passing along communications between the operatives in his plan to swindle money from a rich and rather unpleasant merchant, Wulf Damal. While she was not aware of everything Kalmorr was doing, eventually the repercussions of this project caught up to her. After an unfortunate incident with some supposedly innocent clients she was asked by the guild to remove herself from Kural for a while, to let things settle down and prevent the besmirching of the guild’s reputation. So Nashira signed herself up to a simple enough escort mission, to take an eladrin woman, Minori, from Kural to Azor.

Since the party first started working together, Nashira has somehow found herself tagging along with them. After their original arrival in Azor turned out to be so hectic, wyvern attack and the death and subsequent revival of Kurrak and all, she found herself swept up in the drama and not wanting to separate from the party just yet. She has found companionship in her strange group of adventurers, and some sense of purpose in the events they end up involved in. While she may feel a little out of her depth the more serious the situation gets, she isn’t going to walk away from them now.


Nashira Verobelin

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