Lach'lann D'Jhonn


Tall for an elf, standing just above 6’, a compact and athletic build, toned yet not buff. Clearly has had physical training since young age, a good physique. Hair: lilac-white, mid-back length, straight, asymmetrical cut, shaved on left side (undercut), full length on the other, usually braided/tied loosely to stay out of his way. One lock dyed royal purple, a mark of family lineage.

Sharp features, almond eyes, slightly slanted, lavender eyes. Thin lips, has resting stoic face. Small scar, roughly crescent-shaped, over left-eye, crossing eyebrow. Long healed, but noticeable. Skin color is a slightly lighter shade of onyx. Telltale sharp ears, two silver earrings ( just rings) along the lobe of the right one.


Lach'lann D'Jhonn

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