Kurrak is 5’ 7" tall and weighs about 210 pounds. While he has the typical orcish broad shoulders and strong legs, most of the half-orc’s form gives away his slightly overweight nature (which he likes to blame on orcish big bones). His jet-black hair is kempt back, and dark sideburns adorn his head. Yellow eyes pierce the darkness, and seem especially friendly when the half-orc smiles.

Kurrak wears simple clothing: a shirt, pants, a robe to cover both and a cloak with a hood. On a belt, he carries pouches and bags for trinkets and implements. A notebook is always within his reach, as is the quarterstaff which he uses both as a walking cane and a weapon if necessary. Received a black mark running diagonally across his face as part of a ritual to bring Kurrak back to life.


Kurrak is looking for his teacher an elven wizard called Velandra. Whilst in Kural Kurrak enlisted the help of Nashira to help him track her down. Kurrak was also taken on by Kalmorr they were both on the employ of a merchant who wanted their help gaining the trust of a Wulf Damal.

Kurrak was killed in an avalanche in an attack on Southern Azor around day 4?, the party rushed him inside where Minori performed a ritual with the aid of Nashira, Galindan, Lach’lann and Karaga to bring him back to life. Kurrak, Lach’lann and Galindan have all been marked by something in return for Kurrak’s life.

While in Menethar Kurrak slipped into a coma, the panicked party dragged his body to the temple district. There they made arrangements for them to care for Kurrak until a specialist could come and investigate what is wrong with him. The specialist would arrive 7 days after the party checked Kurrak into the temple.


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