Karaga can be easily perceived as waifish at first, especially covered in a long, dark travelling cloak, giving her a bell-shaped silhouette. Short and compact, she is sometimes intimidating without her cloak, in her armour, simply for looking very unusual: she has deep set eyes, big incisors, and is relatively hirsute, blessed with a slight mustache. Her ears are large and expressive, with the left pierced through the conch, similar to her septum ring. Her fingers are dip dyed brown, which grows into ornate floral-geometric patterns patterns across her hands and into her sleeves. Across her head is a straight bowl cut-like-fringe, although the sides and back are shaven. Her preferred weapon, visible hanging on her left side beneath her cloak, is a wooden cobra-shaped club, slightly mossy along the back, with two nails through the “face” like fangs; its counterpart is a scimitar on the other side.


Independent and intentional, Karaga is often perceived as asocial and aloof. When her openness and generosity is taken advantage of, she easily becomes closed off and distrusting. When treated warmly, she is quick to reciprocate. She hates to wait indoors for long, or participate in bureaucracy. She loves spicy food.



Peregrine by nature, Karaga hails from a pastoral nomadic community of tieflings from the Black Sun Desert southwest of Faelin.

She eventually moved to and lived in Faelin, working primarily as a woodward for the forests of the area, but also picked up odd jobs around town, like working as a link-boy. She was “lucky” enough to receive free passage along with many others when Faelin was attacked, becoming a traveling member of Minori, Marcus and Brand’s party due to her survivalist skills; with that, she came across the sea from Faelin along with, considering it a step in the direction of her search for a mythical landmark related to her people.

On the boat over from Faelin, she met Dolgan and Quinn. As well, Galindan was picked up, having been floating unconsciously on some flotsam. She began to spend time with Galindan, and eventually vouched on Gal’s behalf to Minori and Brand for the purpose of joining Minori’s escort party, which worked. There she met the rest of the group.


While initially aloof to the party, she quickly warmed to Kurrak, and eventually Nashira. When the amulet holding Milvanos broke on the way to Azor, Karaga and Lach’lann entered the amulet during Minori’s attempt to reseal it, defending her in the ritual. Upon returning from the amulet, the pair noticed their former drow hostage, once grappled by Kurrak, was gone; Karaga chased after the agent and whipped them to her with a thorn whip, accidentally killing them by causing their body to collide with a tree. Off of this body she obtained a hyena mask and cursed dagger.

Later, Serkan took this dagger to heal Minori, who had been stabbed using it, and declined to return it, resulting in a fit of bitterness and distrust from Karaga that was subsequently misdirected toward her companions.



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