A well-spoken leader of orc pirates who doesn’t mind discussing issues rather than pummelling them.


His tribe along with some related ones were at war with the Northern Kingdoms around 100 years ago.

Interactions with EU party:

The party came across his reavers in Semcha while they were raiding a farm, they moved in to intercept and were challenged by Kiff to one on one combat with the party’s strongest member. When Karaga quickly defeated the orc champion, Graknar came to apologise for his reavers as they had not attacked on his orders and he did not wish to fight. He agreed to pay damages for the destruction they had caused. Nashira and Lach’lann also managed to broker an agreement that they’d help take down Tychusar when the time came, as Mira was the one who turned him into a goblin, and she worked for Tychusar.

When Karaga sent an animal messenger telling Graknar and Kiff that “the one they sought” (Tychusar) would be making an appearance in Edryn, the group of orcs showed up at the gates of Edryn. Unable to get in, Nashira realised they could bring the orcs in through the tunnels. They asked for Karaga’s plan, which she deflected to Nashira, but Dakbu stepped up and said that Karaga was the warchief and the black crows were their clan, at which point the orcs mobilised behind Dakbu’s orders. They followed Karaga, Galindan, and Kalmorr in defending the undead breaking through the eastern tunnel barrier, and 10 were left behind while 30 followed the three when they heard that a party was headed toward the power in the tunnels. Sixteen of Graknar’s orcs died in the encounter with Tychusar, Kantarrah, the rakshasa, goliath, and Tychusar’s sister.


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