Everoth GrudgeFeaster


A former miner was trapped with a group inside one of the Many Mountain mine tunnels during a monster attack. Because they were separated, they had to fight together to survive and feed on the fallen enemies that they defeated if they wanted to live.

Broken and feeling useless, the kind dwarf feared for his and his fellow’s death, for he was a dwarf that found joy and warmth in the people he loved and cared for, specially his familly.

Never in his life he felt so much fear, alone, even among others, but it was in the hearth of battle and in the heart of the Dwarven people that he learned to light the fire to guide the needed, to find a way when there is none, and to break down any walls that may lay between you and the light of a new day. Every miner picked them self up, after battle was over, with dusty faces that smiled like lit candles in the mine tunnels, the Dwarves let out a jolly brief laugh and grouped together to continue.

Every drop of fear he might had felt before was gone, and with a lantern on his left hand and a pick-axe over his right shoulder, he was the first to speak up “Well, lets find another way out lads, shall we?”, his mind was focused and he knew his goal and the best way to get there was to do what Dwarves did best, work together and mine their way to safety.

During their survival journey, he was always keeping an eye on the group, feeding the hungry and broken in spirit with flavored salted meat, lightly cooked on the lamp fire. Giving thanks to the dwarven gods for the light of the oil lamps that gave them warmth and the ability to cook the meat of the slain, covering it in salted rock to resist the need of water and continue on.

When they finally made out of the mines, he rejoined his family and fellow workers in cheer and celebration, but the mining life was not enough for him anymore, seeking adventure, friends and exotic tastes the curious kind Dwarf had to set off see to see it all.

Adventurers tell tales of this peculiar dwarf who is always answers jolly to travelers and is willing to trade and craft for the right amount of gold. Yet he travels alone, fearing that his little adventure would be the death of another traveler. Unable to bear the burden of loosing more people he genuinely cares for, he set out for Kural were he knew no one, nothing and everything was there to discover…

Everoth GrudgeFeaster

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