People shouldn’t drink milk.

Dimpy Wick is a halfling merchant currently living in Edryn. The EU Party met him while meeting Saladin for work; Dimpy had come seeking some help retrieving items that had been stolen from him, and let the party know openly that he had so much money to pay for their help. This led the party to Stryde and Valyse’s stash, where they met Five and Jack, and found the stamper matching the box that Galindan had stolen from their room.

Jack was later repurposed from Stryde and Valyse’s care to Dimpy’s service.


Dimpy loves to constantly drink, and is very friendly. He does not have good insight on people.

Interactions with EU party

The party rescued Dimpy’s supplies from bandits; in return Dimpy would buy the party drinks. He has promised them to buy them drinks whenever they go drinking together.

On another occasion around day 10, Dimpy invited the group to a large party in a house that was being renovated. After Lach’lann and Kalmorr refused to join in and suggested they go back to the Salty Eagle tavern , Dimpy took this to mean moving the party over to the tavern, which he proceeded to do.

Dimpy was part of the invading force into Stryde and Valyse’s room in the Salty Eagle set up by Galindan.

Interactions with US party


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