A human wizard who is one of the main mages in the council ruling Southern Azor.


Arothius’s primary goal seems to be power, both political and otherwise. The EU party found out that he wishes to become a Guardian and knows how to contact Dawn.

Samara and Elmo both think that he would not make a suitable Guardian.

During a council meeting following the attack of Tychusar and his wyvern riders, he revealed Tychusar was a former mage of the city.

The mages council enlisted the help of the EU party to take care of Elmo and get him to move his house from blocking the entrance to Southern Azor. The EU party decided to find the Stone required to control the dwarven constructs. These constructs are the only thing that can build the city, and the Stone has been stolen. After bringing it back to the city, Arothius seemed get jealous of their new found popularity and when the time came to honour his word and reward them with a favour he made life difficult. When the party reported the blood ritual they intercepted at the very same meeting he was very dismissive and did not give credence to the evidence they found.

He teleported to the claim the ppower during Tychusar’s attack on Edryn.


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