Alicio DelMonte


Season 1

Alicio Fedrick DelMonte, stands at 6’ tall, with a toned and lithe elvish build. Always as well groomed as possible, the youthful Half-Elf prides himself on his appearance for being ready for any situation that would call upon his social grace. He keeps his dark brunette hair short, and styled with a simple parting.

Alicio is almost always donning his noble clothes, and wearing them in uniform fashion to compliment his military training.

Season 2


Born a bastard from an affair & adopted into the noble house of the Delmonte family after his mothers death, Alicio was given a life of privilege out of necessity. His adoptive mother cold to his existence, merely tolerated him living among the family. Unlike his siblings whom were instructed by their mother, he was taught the ways of being a lord from a governess and his father. His father saw promise in him, and made it known that he was loved by him by keeping a equal amount of attention focused on all of his children.

As the years progressed for Alicio, he remained indifferent to his adoptive mother. Only reciprocating the cold respect, that his mother and half siblings gave him. He found solace among the servants and commoners of his land. He had a monthly dinner with the maids, and visited some of the townsfolk that he considered friends. The treatment of equality warmed their hearts to him, despite only being half Delmonte. With his father witnessing this, there were even times when he was praised as a proper example of a true lord. Something that left his half siblings with a bitter taste in their mouths. Their jealousy only became further fueled upon the day his magical talents that he inherited from his birth mother emerged. His father a fan of the arcane arts was overjoyed with the teenage Alicio, and summoned a tutor for him to begin honing his knowledge on how to control his newly found gifts.

As he reached adulthood, and nearing the end of his training, his adoptive mother were hatched plans of her own for the promising sorcerer. It took some convincing, but his father was eventually tricked into the idea of setting Alicio into an arranged engagement. Severely displeased with being forced into a loveless marriage, Alicio himself worked against the union, and signed himself up in service to the military. Luckily he had his fathers blessing, Alicio felt as though he’d won his freedom from the spite of his Adoptive mother, and set out into the world….

Alicio DelMonte

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