Fall of the Paladins

Going South

Season 2

Five weeks after the battle of Edryn, peace is returning to the city.

Buildings are still being rebuilt and the extension of the southern part of the city is being set up. For the first time in over a month, it seems that the guards are allowed and able to leave the area of Edryn. More and more of the standard personnel that has been overseeing the city are being placed on other duties.
It is at this point that Elena and Lady Aeryn have a conversation about a different land; a far away land… Lady Aeryn’s homeland.
In her travels to the southern isles, Elena spent some time with Lady Aeryn’s family.
“I have to get something off of my chest,” Elena says. “While I’m not meant to discuss this, my lady, your family is not doing as well as they want you to believe. For weeks, now, their borders are being raided by orc pirates.”
“That is nothing new,” Lady Aeryn replies. “Orcs have been bothering my people for decades.’’
“This time is different,” says Elena. “The attacks are no longer random, and they are not mere warbands, any longer. They are organised and focused, as if they have clear goal in mind. Your
family begged me not to bother you with this, but I feel that you have the right to know.”
As Lady Aeryn starts to worry, Saladin, who has been guarding the noble family nonstop ever since the attack, coughs and says: “My lady: if it pleases you, your husband has already ordered me to set up an expedition to the south. As you know, we are tasked to find former trade-prince Galleo and bring him to justice after what his actions did to this city. I am certain that when all this is done, my squadron would be able to visit your family, making sure they are okay and returning with their messages.”

Saladin then contacts your group and says: “Look guys, I know you already did so much for the city, and I should ask no more of you, but as soon as we are able we’ll be going away from the city in pursuit of Galleo in order to bring him in. I don’t want to inconvenience you, and if you decline I shan’t press, but if you would be willing to help me find him…”


Galleo’s downfall: is this the chance you have been waiting for? Lord Rayell himself ordered the capture of Galleo! Going with Saladin might allow you to find the retribution you have been pondering about, and—who knows? Dakbu might have a way to help you here, as well. In her time at southern isles , Elena found that elven borders are being attacked more than usual. It seems the orcs found a reason to fight eachother less and fight the elves more… as a united group. Saladin offers to take a small force to see if they can be of any assistance, and your group decides to go with him. At worst, this is an excuse to take a boat trip to a tropical place, right?


Bucky Bucky

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