Fall of the Paladins

Day ???? EU

Rescuing Galindan

  • Galindan lost control of self
  • Lach’lann walking with Leanne and others to Azor
  • Nashira and Kalmorr and Karaga head to Galindan
  • Karaga and nashira sneak up on either side of wyvern rider (coming down to attack Galindan) successfully

o Kalmorr snipes him with eldritch blast, hits him a bit

o Karaga jumps out at him and hits him with a claw attack

o He starts running away

o Karaga hits him again

  • Meanwhile nox and lach’lann

o Nox sees he’s about to be attacked by a wyvern tries to warn him

o He gets super paranoid

o She tells him she knows nashira

o He ignores her and walks into the ambush and blames her for it

  • Karaga knocks the mask of

o Kalmorr is attacked

o Nashira tries to get to galindan

  • Lach’lann and nox

o Nox kills the wyvern

  • Karaga kills the guy after running through the fire after nashira and galindan

o Lach’lann shows up with Nox

o Wyvern attacks karaga after she rips the mask

  • Then we went to the tower for a short rest

o 9 wyverns showed up

o Start running

o They fireball us twice

o Galindan burns both masks

o Kalmorr leaves one on a tree

  • ELMO teleports us home

o We go to the tavern to rest

o Karaga goes to get a room for her and nashira

o Nashira insists on nox being there as well

o Karaga feels rejected and stressed but nashira insists on all 3 of them sharing the room

  • Can recharge elmo’s star stone


Bucky Bucky

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