Fall of the Paladins

Day 12 EU Group

The Ballard of Galindan...

Amalgamated notes from session on 19/10/16.

Sam still needs to go through and make it presentable/understandable…

Notes from day 12.

On the run for kidnapping Elcom…

In crow place we can see Samira time is around 5pm

Karaga goes to talk to crow, wants to seek out Samira that night, also asks about Galleo and S&V history.

Too much happening for just s and v to be working alone.

Can get people to Samira’s room room

Elcom asleep before taken

Crow is called Dakbu

Healing magic wont work on Dakbu

Karaga would also like to speak to Jack for info on S&V.

Guards coming everyone needs to escape, all go into catacombs

Encounter inside of a tower, Dakbu tells party to climb up if they want to go visit Samira, Party begin to climb the narrow void.

Kalmorr leaves last asks Dakbu about why Galio after Benji, it’s because of mob boss incident in Kurral, Kalmorr confides to Dakbu that he is Benji…this is of course to no one’s surprise. Dakbu offers to look into more info around Benji such as associates, Kalmorr suggests he can find it on his own, if successful Kalmorr may have a side job?

Galindan saves Karaga from falling in tower climb, when Nashira and Lach’lann finish tower climb secret note passing happens that no bodies see’s.

Emerge under kitchen, see servant sleeping

Karaga suggests that we question the sleeping servant and that Kalmorr should find a face to steal, he does this. Kalmorr Disguise self as Marina a shy looking servant, group is now due to disguise and deception: two guards, Marina, a mouse, Galindan guard and invisi Lach’lann

Galindan seen by cook on way out of kitchen, questions who he is – wants to duel Galindan challenges him to singing competition. Excellent singing by David. Gains inspiration for it!

Chef offers Galindan a job in the kitchen, gives him a gift a small potion bottle sparkly potion! Potion of water breathing! 1 person for 1 hour

Break into Samira’s room, guards inside, Nashira gets Kalmorr to pretend to drop illusion food, 2 nat 20s from Nashira. Then a 25!

Samira has an illusion spell up, reacts to us. We talk, she blames s & v as well.

Magic energy sensed in area, grown in last few weeks, Elcom kidnapped while she was investigate. Discussed other party, source of magic in city, if bad people find magic would be really bad. Milvanos’ people in city. “The guardian” strong source of magic no guardians for all elements, world not in balance. Guardians protected by identity, some are regular people some not. – Drow assassins from ep 1 Dunead are working with Milvanos people.

Guardians for sources of power, we haven’t had ones in power, which makes the world off balance
The guardians have names? – nashira
The ones we know of are protected by their identity/are kept hidden because of their identity
Lady of dawn
Kept her from getting sacrificed
Samira almost gets sacrificed
Never a bad thing to be in dawn’s good graces “” (Samira)
I can assure you you did not meet dawn herself but one of her maidens; she considers her maidens to be a part of herself… but there are those whose identities are hidden. Dusk and dawn are of light and dark, then those of the elements, then other persuasions… life… but not every spot has been filled.”
If someone were to break the balance… well, I’m sorry for my language, but we’re all screwed
Don’t you mean fucked!?” – Galindan
I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing happening in the city is just a distraction for him taking this power for himself…”
The duneads and the people who…
Drow assassins from beginning were part of org called the Duneads
well, as you know, there are good and bad people on every side,” samira says while looking invisible lachlann in the eyes (!!!)
I think we know the guardian of nature and it’s that old guy who can never remember anything
We need to either get someone worth of it, to it, and the next
Annoying guy erothius… may be an arch wizard but does not have the right to wield this kind of power
This will lead you to the heart of the city… the underbelly, so to speak.”
I suggest you find someone worthy before you find it, should you find it…”
Certainly not one to abuse his power
We could find one of the existing guardians and ask him/her to take it

One guardian for each aspect, power naturally protected. She doesn’t want Arothious to wield the power. Has portal leading to where the search for power lead her to. Will decide later who to give power to. think nos is the guardian of nature

Either clear name and help or help.

Jewellery box stolen some pieces worth a lot, family heirlooms, represents family power stones.

Communication stones, placed on teeth to use, teeth need to be clenched in order to be activated, then can talk and relay message to the other one. Samira keeps hold of one and Nashira the other. Kalmorr thinks this would lead to a lot of inadvertent chewing noises being sent back and forth.

Leave Samira’s room, Nashira and Nox get the guards to switch places with the group, as soon as they go inside party immediately leaves , on way out hear singing from kitchen cue lion king song from chef and less enthusiastic backing from kitchen staff. Decide to leave via servant exit to avoid guards in the tunnels and hopefully leave without attracting much attention.

During exit see servants/guards running to exit, “need to help people”

Servants blocking entrance, guards trying to get through, in market square, part of it is burning, stalls on fire people burning huge fire on south side of square, may have been explosion, gnomes running around in a panic, no pattern to destruction.

See Stride standing in middle of chaos, he is facing off against a group of people, has only one arm. Party approaches the chaos, see other party. Stride alone, Killian there too. And a group of hooded tieflings are fighting other party.

As party approaches Stride disappears, reappears on a roof a little bit away. Other party fights hooded tieflings apart from a human who chases after Stride, Galindan and Lach’lann both try to follow, Galindan trips and falls bringing down Lach’lann on his descent.


Bucky Feyn

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